May 7: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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May 7 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on May 7, your zodiac sign is Taurus.


People born on this day have extraordinary abilities. Thanks to the favorable attitude of the patron of the planet Moon and Venus to them, they are very talented and can successfully manifest themselves in various fields. These people have a great intuition, and sometimes the gift of foresight.

Not rarely prone to mysticism. Very creative nature. Possess excellent rhetoric. They have the talent of an organizer. Without much difficulty, implement even the most ambitious projects. Always carefully plan your actions. And, for a period they know what they will do in the long run.

Under the influence of Venus, a very subtle feel. They are drawn to the beautiful. Looking for all the harmony and beauty. Outwardly attractive and charming themselves, so people always reach out for them. They try to be perfect in everything, possessing good taste, and they succeed.

Not a lot of time spent on it to promote their principles and ideas. Their thoughts are always, very clearly expressed and understood. They do not like to complicate things, therefore, they achieve everything with the least losses. Very punctual and not rarely pedantic.

They are very conscientious about their duties and respect those who also conduct themselves. They would never make a deal with their conscience, what tempting offers would not have met on their way. Not rarely, they are irritable and through, mindless, emotional.

Trying to fight these shortcomings. May manifest itself in various fields. But, quite often they make their choice in favor of art. Passionate about religion, and if they come to this, they can devote their lives to serving God. Understand the value of money.

Despite the fact that they value material goods and strive for a structured life, all their expenses are within reason. Very appreciate the friendship. In their life in the first place are such concepts as honor, dignity, justice. Do not tolerate lies and deception.

Ready to help, especially if they are close people. Do not spare money for charity. In personal life, strive for harmony. In marriage, looking for happiness and understanding, which is often quite feasible.

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