May 20: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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May 20 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on May 20, your zodiac sign is Taurus.


People born on this day are warm and intuitive. They are observant and know what kindness is. The ruling planet on this day, the Moon, gives their character empathy and a desire to help others.

The 20th number is a transition from the sign of Taurus to the sign of Gemini, therefore your character also contains Gemini charm, friendliness and carelessness.

These people, as a rule, are universal, have a creative and analytical mind. They are excellent listeners who are able to give excellent advice, but at the same time they can strongly criticize a person.


In a personal relationship, they are looking for a partner who will equally stimulate their mind and heart. They themselves are gentle and loyal to their partners. Their expectations and requirements may be somewhat unreal. As partners, born on May 20, are incredibly attentive, romantic and try to use all their imaginations to keep the relationship fresh and interesting.

In the bedroom, they love sensitive tactile touches and love word games. The main problem in personal relationships with these people may be their stubbornness and criticism, which are caused by the feeling that they are not loved or appreciated.

Strengths: persuasiveness, intuition, kindness.
Weaknesses: stubbornness, sharpness in expressions.


The number of life path 2, it is associated with harmony, which emphasizes your desire for stability and constancy.

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