May 2: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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May 2 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on May 2, your zodiac sign is Taurus.


People born on the first day of the second decade of the sign of Taurus are very good-natured and peace-loving people. Patron of the planet Moon, makes the character of these people soft and docile.

Born May 2 have a good intuition. Not rarely use their gift, so they manage to circumvent difficult situations. Very sensitive and suspicious people. If they invented something for themselves, then it is very difficult to convince them otherwise. The truth is very carefully listen to the advice of loved ones, or those whom they trust.

For them, concepts such as friendship, loyalty, loyalty, love are very important. Big conservatives. They hardly accept new trends, considering that before, they lived better. People born on this day can not be deceived. They have insight and, thanks to their intuition, they immediately feel the catch.

Themselves are rarely sincere. Very curious and quite often gladly climb into the affairs of others. Not rarely become the instigator of gossip and intrigue. Understand that this is bad, but can not stop. They try not to bother much at work. Although very valuable material goods.

They are not bad, it turns out, to earn money, but if they have the opportunity to solve their problems for someone else’s couples, without a twinge of conscience, they will take advantage of it. In their youth, those who were born on May 2, not rarely feel the need.

Therefore, trying to rise as high as possible in order to ensure a decent life. Very practical people, therefore, rarely make mistakes in ordinary life situations. Some of them are pedantic and very demanding of others. They always turn a blind eye to their mistakes, considering them to be a coincidence of circumstances. Often those who were born on May 2, there are quite a few creative people.

Quite often fond of music and theater. Therefore, the profession, they often choose related to this activity. There are many who can be called friends among them. Although in reality, in difficult times, they are not rarely left alone. In personal life, love is very abundant, but they do not strive for marriage. Prefer free relationships that do not commit to anything.

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