May 15: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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May 15 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on May 15, your zodiac sign is Taurus.


People born on May 15 expressive and creative, they are also characterized by Taurus kindness and determination. The ruling planet on this day is Venus, which gives these people creativity and charm.

People born on this day have the talent of an entrepreneur. They are calm, hardworking and sensitive to their surroundings. These Tauruses are frank and reliable both friends and partners. Their compassion makes them very fair and ready to help everyone who needs it.

Despite numerous positive qualities, they can be tough and criticize others.

Personal relationships

In a personal relationship, caring and romantic, they can easily fall in love. They are idealists and often search for a partner exclusively intuitively. Your partners choose those who can teach them something. Heat and intimacy is very important for people born on May 15. They are well versed in people and able to compromise.

In love, strive for harmony. To win their heart you need to be witty and sociable, have ambitions and your own values. Their partner should be able to share everything, as they are. Despite their kindness, they can be stubborn.

Strengths: disinterestedness, friendliness and reliability.
Weaknesses: stubbornness, a tendency to criticize others.


The number of your life journey is 6, the keyword “Sociality” underlines your friendliness.

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