March 22: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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March 22 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on March 22, your zodiac sign is Aries.


There comes the second day, the first decade of the zodiac Aries. On this day, Mars, which entered the cycle of this sign, directs a powerful charge of its tendencies into aspects of the character of the representatives of this sign.

The very dual influence of the celestial body, which will bring to the lives of those whose birthday falls on this number, is a series of positive, but at the same time extremely negative moments.

People born on this day have incomparable health, strong physique, high working potential. At the same time, many human feelings are alien to them as: mercy, humanity, sympathy and compassion. They can not be touched, cause them pity.

Coolness allows you to go to the goal, or simply to perform the necessary work, regardless of the suffering that it can bring to other people. Tears and plead will not convince them. But when it comes to money and pleasure, Aries who were born on this day are ready to negotiate.

Avoid serious, long-term relationships. Love is not perceived as such a spiritual feeling. In their interpretation, it’s all about physical, sexual attraction. They do not hide this, so the circle of their partners is limited to people who share similar views.

In marriage, they are cold. Little time spent at home. Work, business, friends – just not the family. These Aries are loyal servants. In life, they strive to be subordinates of an influential person, who for them is not just an employer, but also a spiritual mentor.

Those born on this day do not like to take important, logical decisions on their own. This attribute, they faithfully pass on to their patron, the instructions of which are law for them. The independence of character and the maturity of decisions they gain by feeling a taste of power. From this point on, they themselves decide their own fate and the fate of those around them.

People born on March 22 have a deep love of money. Positioning material wealth above all, often live life without knowing true love and friendship. As parents, they take little part in the lives of their children. Middle age regret it.

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