March 21: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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March 21 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on March 21, your zodiac sign is Aries.


The beginning of the first decade of this sign is marked by the entry of Mars.

It is not by chance that on this day brave, persistent, strong, ambitious, self-worthy personalities are born. Mars gives them incredible forces that are not being used in the right way outgrow due to an excess of aggression.

Aries, born on this day, are accustomed to always and everywhere to achieve their, as a rule, by force. They do not know the word no. They do not accept bounce. Often, they are haughty, arrogant, leaders of their social circle and the whole society. They always go against the system. They make decisions on emotions, in the heat, without thinking in advance about the possible consequences.

However, they are not afraid of negative prospects. For them, it is more important to keep face and status in the present. Nevertheless, they are fair to those who admire and imitate them. Those who were born on this day love to play in public, acquiring fans.

With those whom they call friends, the circle of which usually consists of less ranked individuals, they are both stern and generous in order to demonstrate their authority and generosity. In love affairs, they try to be perfect in everything. Their main principle – the partner should not be aware of the shortcomings.

In order to conquer the beloved Aries, who were born on this day, many heroes, trying to stand out from the crowd, presenting themselves in no competition. They do not save money, they do not spare time and health when it comes to love. At the same time, being extremely persistent, they are able to conquer any heart.

Their ambitions require that a partner be as close to them as high-ranking as they are. Relationship with a person of low status, no matter how much they love, they will hide. Pride does not allow them to announce such ties. Alas, but in their understanding it is shameful and it is bad to reflect on their position in society. They are constantly tense.

They always have to hold the so-called levers of government around. This does not allow them to relax and enjoy the rest, being themselves, removing the heavy mask of the leader. This ultimately affects the nervous system, leads to premature aging, and diseases uncharacteristic of their age.

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