Libra Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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This pair cannot avoid difficulties, especially at the beginning of a relationship, but if they smoothly go through a period of lapping, everything will be fine.

Libra Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

The Cancer man will keep a close eye on the Libra woman before deciding whether to continue. They are generally well suited to each other if they talk more about relationships and coordinate their plans.

Indecision prevents both of them: he is too careful, she is inclined to change her mind. Because of this, conflicts arise. In addition, a man may want to control a woman, and she will not like it. Quarrel can be delayed for a long time, which does not contribute to peace and harmony in the pair.

Sex Compatibility

Together, they are good, especially at the stage of learning the capabilities of each other. She is loving, he is gentle and attentive. But the peculiarities of their characters interfere here too: he hesitates to offer something new, and in principle it is so good for her.

All this leads to the fact that both can think about changing partners (and thinking about it for years). There are secrets, jealousy, they swear, and how it ends – depends only on both of them. A little passion and the effect of novelty – and everything will return to the usual rails, if they understand it in time.