Libra Horoscope 2019

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Libra Horoscope 2019For the sign of Libra, 2018 was characterized by the entry of the planet Saturn and its negative influence on the representatives of this sign for a long two and a half years. In 2019, he departs, and this, in turn, will help to get rid of bored difficulties.

Saturn has taught you tolerance and responsibility in making serious decisions and, despite everything, always go ahead.
In the new year 2019, people close to you and just others will change their opinion of you, they will begin to perceive you, much more seriously than before. Of course, the past difficulties left their imprint on your later life, and for some time you will have to correct their consequences. The symbol of 2019 – Pig – will help in the discovery of your leadership qualities and organizational skills.

Saturn in 2019 will enter as a sign of Scorpio, and this will be reflected in your income.

Here you need to try to distribute your funds on the necessary need, rationally and correctly to have them. This will make you become more serious, wise and realistic with respect to savings. Placement of Saturn in a neighboring sign will be displayed on some material difficulties, will create obstacles and barriers related to the acquisition of larger real estate or property. In 2019, you just have to learn to become more organized and responsible to the material side. But already in the second half of the coming year, all hardships and financial difficulties will slowly begin to go away, gradually there will be stability and confidence in the future.

Not bad opportunities will advance on a career ladder and self-realization of professionalism will open before you from July 26, 2019. There is just an incredible success for career advancement and career growth. In the second half of 2019 and in the first 2020, Libra will receive substantial support from Jupiter. It is necessary to take advantage of this, as the next aid will come only after 12 years, you should not miss such a wonderful chance.

With regard to life and its aspects such as family and relationships, which are so important for you, some difficulties, crises, sudden changes are foreshadowed. All this is connected with the influence of Uranus in the zone of life. 2019 is characterized by a high probability of new useful acquaintances, which soon can grow into a strong friendship. Without much difficulty, you will part with unnecessary and unpleasant people for you.

There is a high probability of conflict situations between members of your family. Here you just need to collect all your wisdom and experience into a fist – this will help to quickly resolve family and friendly quarrels.

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