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Zodiac sign Libra (September 24 – October 23)

Human life in the zodiac sign Libra (September 24 – October 23) is subordinated to the love of beauty, harmony and impartiality. Politeness, high spiritual qualities, and also tranquility contribute to the fact that Libra is never alone. They have practically no enemies, and the positive impact on the people around them is great. People of the zodiac sign Libra (September 24 – October 23) have a developed sense of duty, they are distinguished by impeccable business traits.

Zodiac sign Libra by period of birth

The sign of the zodiac Libra (September 24 – October 2). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Venus. These are tender, full of tender love, friendly and romantic people.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72.

Zodiac Libra (October 3 – October 13). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Saturn. They are reasonable, do not seek wealth, do not crave fame and honor.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72.

Zodiac Libra (October 14 – October 23). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Jupiter. They adore an appetizing meal, ceremonial rites, are passionate, have a creative kind.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 8, 10, 20, 30, 32, 40, 48, 50, 56, 60, 70, 74.

Libra Characteristic

In most cases, those born under the sign of the zodiac Libra see the essence of a person well, businesslike, smart, like a soft pillow able to mitigate the problems and difficulties of being. People of the zodiac sign Libra enjoy their participation in social life. Convivial, they love to receive visitors, are cordial, they do not easily suffer defeats, they are sensual, they are hesitant to find the balance, the right moment, the necessary word on the road. The sign of the zodiac Libra has the largest number of obsessively depressed and not ready to exploit people in relation to other zodiacs.

People of the zodiac sign Libra are not indifferent to things, they adore elegant objects of the room setting, the upper furniture, various accessories. In most cases, they are plagued by feelings of frustration caused by the well-being or success of their friends. They have a passion for beauty and creativity.

Contrary to the adoration of the home, the woman sex of the zodiac sign Libra gets tired of family life and feels the need to contact people outside their homes, especially if everything is not in order. Usually, people of this sign have a wonderful mood, but the difficulties that arise in their personal and working life deprive them of their composure.

The sign of the zodiac Libra draws attention to the importance of possessing knowledge, keeps in memory all the information received, the concealment of which evaluates as an atrocity. They always need a society of people who have their spiritual qualities, charm, tenderness, hypocrisy, cordiality, disinterested help, ability to look at events and things through the eyes of others.

Always try to enter others into a pleasant delusion, hoping for approval, praise, sympathy, reward, enthusiasm and good reviews. If they do not feel that they are widely recognized and their fortunes are not favorable to them, then they feel fooled.

Libra are more productive working on the ideas of an outsider than on their own, making a variety of useful comments and ideas.

People of the zodiac sign Libra always strive to evade the answer for their deeds. They prefer to lie on the couch rather than fight for the truth. They are not able to pronounce the word “no.”

Positive character traits of the zodiac sign Libra: high morality of ideas and good nature of the inner world.

Libra man

The Libra man will give a lot of gratuitous recommendations, on whatever topics that concern you. It will always help to resolve any difficult situation in which you find yourself, but Libra Man can not always understand the relationship with a woman. The desire to organize everything most expediently and correctly, including feelings, is sometimes capable of causing a state of insanity in you.

Having met with the Man of Libra, thoroughly consider, and whether there is a need to get involved in them. And it is necessary to solve it extremely quickly, it will not be too late. You will be so fascinated by the Man of Libra that you will not be able to commit an act, as well as to conceive without his participation.

Libra men do not inspire much confidence, since it is not always possible to hope for their good faith. They have seven Fridays in the week. At one point in time, the Libra men think that they need to do this, and the next moment is completely different. Imagine for a moment that you agreed to start a family, and tomorrow he would not want to enter into a marriage and would not consider it necessary to notify you of his decision. How do you like this situation ?!

Libra men do not lose attraction to amorous affairs until old age. In most cases, this attraction is only physiological, but the fact that its presence is inherent in the essence of the men of the zodiac sign Libra and is observed before the “grave” so it is indisputable. They always have many admirers.

By their nature, Libra is not temperamental, as a result of which they easily endure defeat in amorous affairs, and the understanding that there will be enough women for his age contributes to a speedy restoration of internal balance. Only in one case, the Libra Man becomes really uncomfortable. And this happens when the imperative and firm woman becomes his wife. She is able to instill confidence in a man of this zodiac sign that the dissolution of a marriage is a much reprehensible act, even than a violation of religious and sacred prescriptions.

Libra men do not suffer from excessive curiosity. They do not seek to understand the hidden reasons for certain actions of yours and are able to substantiate for a long time the need for you in one case to do so, and in another case to the other, and that this is a logical conclusion from the patterns of events. At the same time, the Libra Men never take into account that the motives of the majority of human actions are mainly hidden in the psyche of the individual.

As an expert in matters of the heart and in situations where sympathy is required, the Libra Man will amaze and frighten him with his moral soullessness. Suppose you asked for compassion, and he begins to set forth his conclusions, ask questions about everything, and finally he can say that only you are to blame for everything.

The man of the zodiac sign Libra is a fairly balanced parent who will not become angry and yell at offspring and at the same time will not indulge in intoxication regarding his children. The main place in the life of the Man of Libra is the spouse, and even the birth of a daughter or son will not change it. As for finances, men of this sign of the zodiac are quite generous and wasteful.

Libra woman

For a woman with Libra, participation in polemics, debates, discussions causes pleasant feelings of joy. The essence of controversy for a woman of Libra does not really matter. A discussion of one or another topic can last for a long time, besides, it is not necessary to take part in the conversation, one can only inquire “why so and not that way?” or say on what subject you disagree with the woman of the sign of the Libra. However, if you believe that the Libra woman’s point of view is not correct, thirty minutes of conversations with her, accompanied by a charming society and smiles, will assure that your opinion is completely unreasonable and wrong, which you tell her about with delight. It is necessary to take into account that the point of view that the Libra woman defended is usually not her personal, but meticulously calculated, thought out from various directions and is probably the only true one on this subject.

Most of the Libra women will not give up their work, even starting a married life, and mainly because they love to spend a lot of money on themselves, their own housing and spouse. Marriage for a woman sign Libra is a common creation of two personalities. She is not one of those who are suspended with a brick on the spouse’s throat, while trying to pull it under the water. Libra woman loves to take part in all sorts of classes her husband, to help him with thought, work, and when necessary finances.

The woman of Libra is endowed with insightful analytic thinking and is able to come to the rescue of her husband in a difficult situation. It is not by chance that spouses deify their “second half”. And I must say, they do it absolutely not in vain, since the women of the zodiac Libra treat their husbands with no less a feeling of love. The Libra woman is too sensitive and gentle, and as a result, wrapping you in her arms gives you kisses and caresses, probably even more than you desire.

Chad mothers, Libra is always sleek, dear and adorable, but only after you. Daughters and sons will not mean so much to her as a spouse. The mother of the zodiac sign Libra is affectionate, but at the same time demanding. The 1st science she teaches her own children will be reverence, a feeling of deep affection and devotion to the parent.

The women of the sign of Libra are very fond of tasty food, as a result of which they are able to start recovering. However, the inherent nature of their craving for beauty and the ideal contributes to the timely taking of control. Using a specially established diet and carried away by sports, women Libra get rid of overweight.

A woman born under the zodiac sign Libra loves to wear pants and at the same time thinks so intelligently that she surpasses almost every man in polemics. They are not stupid, cautious, in any case will not show their own advantages with the spouse, in any case, before the marriage.

Libra Compatibility

Compatibility zodiac signs Libra and Aries. Relationships based on the attractiveness of opposing traits of characters. These zodiacs are extremely passionate in pastels, but a heated, fraught state at the level of intelligence can create problems in their relationships. The connection between Aries and Libra is quite viable, if the zodiacs agree on mutual concessions.

Compatibility zodiac signs Libra and Taurus. Both Taurus and Virgo adore the livability of life, comfort, they are attracted by good and beautiful things, by nature endowed with good aesthetic taste, but the desire of Taurus for the sole possession and disposal of everything often creates a lot of quarrels and conflicts. However, in the event that Libra decides that such relationships are perfectly acceptable for them, then this relationship is able to exist for quite a long time.

Compatibility zodiac signs Libra and Gemini. Relationships based on the level of intelligence, where each of the partners feels the need for a share of freedom and lack of constraint in the implementation of their ideas, which in most cases is extremely difficult to do. If, however, Libra and Gemini can reach agreement on the principles of their relationship from the first meeting, they can be together for quite some time.

Compatibility zodiac signs Libra and Cancer. Zodiac Libra has a need for harmony and a relaxed pastime, which is not entirely consistent with the nature and desires of the zodiac Cancer, who lives in feelings and chooses home comfort, and not adventures and ventures.

Compatibility zodiac signs Libra and Leo. The refinement and resourcefulness of Libra, the natural endowments and leadership features of Leo can form an extremely attractive and entertaining pair. Often, Libra and Leo begin to spend unreasonably and behave extremely defiantly with regards to money. However, they still have to jointly plan and ponder the correctness and feasibility of spending money for a given case.

Compatibility zodiac signs Libra and Virgo. The original, vacillating nature of the zodiac Libra disturbs Virgo, and his natural charm may lose brightness due to the disapproving of the Virgo towards him. Often, the relationship between the zodiac of this couple is short, but as long as they exist, there is probably no more passionate and hot couple than this.

Compatibility signs zodiac Libra and Libra. A good couple for exalted relationships, however, multiplied by two despondency and longing is a certain risk for their relationship, since the people of this zodiac are not receptive by nature.

Compatibility zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio. Scorpio is endowed with the kind of jealous man, who will invariably manifest, and cause inconvenience to the harmony of the nature of the zodiac sign Libra. Of course, such a connection is in most cases rather difficult for Libra, but the union of these zodiacal signs is sometimes not destructive and very long, however, neither Libra nor Scorpio will ever be able to change each other in this unceasing combat.

Compatibility signs zodiac Libra and Sagittarius. Extremely good relationship pair. The charm and thirst for adventure of the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius fully corresponds to the desires and hobbies of the zodiac Libra, and the sweet and pleasant external appearance, as well as the high level of spiritual values ​​of the latter, will seduce Sagittarius.

Compatibility zodiac signs Libra and Capricorn. There is a strong physiological attraction between Libra and Capricorn; however, to universal pity, the connection between these signs is usually short-lived. Capricorn is extremely difficult to endure the idleness of Libra.

Compatibility zodiac signs Libra and Aquarius. Extremely internally matching signs. Libra are endowed with moral qualities and purity of feelings, which are also present in intimate relationships. And Libra and Aquarius can not concentrate on trivia and make concessions in the relationship.

Compatibility signs zodiac Libra and Pisces. A Pisces that is too sensitive by its nature complicates the relationship between these signs of the zodiac and the breaking of a relationship is only a matter of time. The end of the relationship often leads to serious and serious consequences, resulting in the sign of Libra does not interfere with excessive caution.

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