Leo Horoscope 2019

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Leo Horoscope 2019In 2019 representatives of this sign will be accompanied by luck in family and home affairs, in finance, in building friendly relations. It is also a wonderful year for the renewal of health and the strengthening of the immune system. Because of the conflict between Uranus and Pluto, troubles may continue at work. But for the Leo routine, disputes with colleagues, quarrels with management are commonplace. In order to avoid serious conflicts, it is worthwhile to be a little restrained, to try to understand the worldviews of others, otherwise you can incur serious financial losses.

In the year of Pig, it is favorable to travel and increase your intellectual level, including getting an education. Uranus in Aries will give you the necessary enthusiasm and a desire to learn that no matter what unfamiliar, to know other cultures. Perhaps you will finally sign up and finish those courses that you have not been able to decide for a long time.

But do not get carried away, do not forget about your daily duties.

2019 was successful for financial well-being. True, you need to be careful here. This year prepares financial well-being for you, though it will not be your individual merits, but the result of joint activity. With business partners, be reserved and take responsibility for the common cause. The influence of Neptune makes it unclear in this situation, if your pockets fill up or vice versa, a large financial flow will slip through your fingers. So pay attention to your budget and try to control your expenses. Make an effort and stop depending on the material costs of your loved ones. There is a big risk that refusing something for the sake of feelings, friendly relations, your efforts simply will not be noticed.

For Leo this year, the family nest takes on a special meaning. Here comes into play Saturn. You take on a lot of commitment that will take quite some time. Take to building a solid foundation of personal relationships, take responsibility for the actions of your loved ones, put a shoulder of help. But, in no case do not put them to blame for doing everything free of charge and at the same time not to the detriment of yourself. Find in this situation is the golden mean.

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