Leo: About Leo Dates, Astrology and Horoscope

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Leo: About Leo Dates, Astrology and HoroscopeAbout Leo
Leo Characteristic
Leo man
Leo woman
Leo Compatibility

Zodiac sign Leo (July 23 – August 23)

Not all people of the Leo zodiac sign (July 23 – August 23) are born to rule the state, but they have the highest probability among the zodiacs to gain authority and influence, to become the main actor. They are not only able to lead, but also capable of love. Leo are very worried and suffer if they are not honored, respected and not admired by them. They are complacent, moral, frank and truthful in their intentions. Universe for the sign of the zodiac Leo (July 23 – August 23) is a large platform where the performance takes place.

Leo zodiac sign by periods of birth

Sign of the zodiac Leo (July 23 – August 3). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Saturn. They have a strong character, are mysterious, hot, avoid solitude and do not tolerate desire.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 19, 39, 57, 76.

Zodiac Leo (August 4 – August 12). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Jupiter. They are strictly, thoroughly consistent and principled people, prudent, meticulous, have a mathematical mindset, have a positive attitude to solemn rites.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 19, 36, 40, 57, 76.

Zodiac Leo (August 13 – August 23). The greatest impact at birth on these people had Mars. They are firm in character, have a tendency and habit to command, they honor the government. Their thinking and understanding is in harmony with physical development. They succeed and achieve significant success in life and military service.
Numbers that contribute to happiness and luck: 15, 19, 30, 35, 36, 57, 60, 76.

Leo Characteristic

In most cases, people of the zodiac sign Leo have high spiritual qualities, are endowed with a sense of self-esteem and are extremely persistent. At first glance, it seems that those born under the sign of the zodiac Leo do not doubt themselves, but in practice they are characterized by insecurity. They are extremely demanding on their appearance, to a greater extent it concerns the sign Leo woman.

The man of the zodiac sign Leo is generous to those people who are not indifferent to him and to whom he feels heartfelt, with pleasure gives, loves a cheerful pastime. Very insensitive to the internal state of the people around them and in most cases they do not see the signs they give. At times, people of the zodiac sign Leo lack courtesy, do not excuse those who unfairly caused them to be upset or insulted, especially if they were pushed away. They cannot recognize the hidden intentions of a person; their trust is won by servility and praise. Leo refers to the ambitious signs of the zodiac, prone to defiant behavior, seeking love, leadership and government. Those born under the sign of Leo are scorchingly ardent, do not want to play a secondary role, take themselves for the “navel of the earth”, the light, by repeating their mental ideas. Prefer to rule, direct, influence, bring luck, zadarivat, guard, spend time in the entertainment.

People of the zodiac sign Leo are capable of manifesting high spiritual qualities, generosity, which sometimes reach madness. They are not able to catch the threat. Leo are benevolent, obvious, frank, unable to exist in a highly moral renunciation, they always need support with any sign of hesitation. The secret of their life energy is confidence and truth.

The main enemy of the zodiac Leo is the ambition and mainly when it is not justified. In such cases, there is depression, eccentricity, abusive unhealthy ridicule. A bold, unhealthy person appears, punishing the dictator for his unfulfilled claims. Such a person becomes a slave of his own weaknesses, a little meaningful, anxious, unprincipled person, taking into account only himself. And the feeling of inferiority, due to the impossibility of putting into life any thought or desire, is sometimes capable of “finishing off” the mentally ill to the clinic.

The negative characteristic of the character of the zodiac sign Leo is the proud and arrogant behavior.

Leo man

The man Leo perfectly understands the value of his own charm, as a result of which he does not squander it in vain. A man the Leo with great pleasure will expose himself, admiring himself and his appearance in front of you, in front of a society of people, especially numerous.

The man Leo always seeks to start a love relationship, and therefore it is extremely easy to catch him in a love trap. Romantic conversation with the flickering of candle fire, flavored with a significant dose of enthusiastic feelings, admiration and pleasing praise, and the arrogant king of animals turns into a meek pet. Feelings of love Men Leo will be endless, he will fill you with presents and roses, invite you in variety shows, at evening parties and start writing ardent messages.

A Leo man is prone to see infidelity in any innocent situation. He is the owner and shares his chosen one with someone else will not. You are his property both physically and spiritually. A man Leo will consider it necessary to tell you what to use, how to put your hair, what clothes should be on you, who should be your friend, where and with whom to rest. He will ask questions, where you have been for a long time, when promised to return very soon. A man Leo wants to know with whom and for what reason you talked on the phone. He will not even calmly dream, without asking what you think.

You will not be able to advance in the service, because the man of Leo will be strongly opposed. In case you will oppose his desire, then it is quite possible that the betrothed will run away during the marriage.

The man Leo is good-natured and highly moral. When he is highly appreciated, as he is worthy of, Leo becomes magnanimity itself and will not say no to your capricious desires. Love him, and you may not experience the bitterness of his infidelity. It is desirable that in the relationship with Leo there was a kindness, warmth and tact, they will help to calm out violent outbursts of feelings.

Without exception, Leo men are endowed with quality that is unique to most people of the stronger sex of mankind – they are wonderful masters. If household appliances, plumbing, etc., suddenly stop working, let him know about this trouble, and he will immediately rush to repair and repair them.

The men of the Leo zodiac sign are extremely sensitive, and also they are huge fans of everything elegant and beautiful, for this reason, even having created a family will not be indifferent to pretty women. You do not need to make a public accusation of his infidelity, to flirt with men in revenge, just try to keep deep feelings and warmth, and he will never go away from you to another woman. A little self-loving man Leo sometimes lacks politeness and he is able to offend a person, but realizing this, he will try to “smooth down” the mental suffering caused by him.

Unbelievable, however, in Men, the sign of Leo is often or not at all, or only one child, at least two. Fathers-Leo are temperamental, but not very methodical fathers. They are one of those daddies to whom the children always have tender feelings. You can recommend to women not to spend all their free time only with children, because having felt themselves deprived, a man of this sign of the zodiac may experience feelings of grief or insult.

Leo woman

From adolescence, the Woman Leo is able to become the leader in the group of the same age, and when she reaches the age of majority, the Woman Leo is able to influence fashion, beliefs and preferences.

If you belong to a noble family, the likelihood of entering into a marriage with a woman Leo is incomparably greater than that of ordinary men. If you are suffering painful awareness of their shortcomings, you should find a woman simpler and more prudent, because the hope of reincarnation of a woman Leo in a tender pussy prepared failure in advance.

The main thing you need to start, giving attention and seeking favor with a woman Leo, is the acquisition of a large number of all kinds of gifts. However, please note that she does not care what kind of gifts you give, as long as they are refined and not cheap. When presenting gifts, you need to be like the heir to the throne, who planned to go to a big dance party. Do not forget to squander a woman Leo of praise, but keep in mind that she loves not typical, but absolutely unusual ones. This will enable your sweetheart to notice you in the total mass of innumerable fans. In general, keep yourself as if you are a nobleman in a meeting with a royal person.

No need to blame the Woman Leo for proud and haughty behavior, as well as excessive ambition. She is not guilty of the birth of a special royal family and feels its superiority over the people around it. At the same time, the Leo is so pleasant, complacent and highly moral, that those around her prefer not to pay attention to her flaws.

For a man whose wife is a woman Leo, she is a true jewel. The Leo, under no circumstances, will provide an opportunity to observe her when she is in a peignoir with curls and a cosmetic on a charming face. The fact that you do not see her in this form does not at all mean that for Leo Woman cosmetics are alien, she uses them and even very much. Preferring not cheap, she is able to spend all the money on face and body care, haircut and hair styling. This applies to her clothes. Her clothes are sophisticated, elegant, stylish and unusual. The appearance of a woman’s zodiac sign Leo causes only positive emotions.

The woman Leo is a wonderful spouse who, in addition to being well prepared, is also capable of evoking a good mood, cheering, captivating guests.

The woman of the sign Leo adores her own offspring to madness and at the same time expresses firmness in their education and the formation of behavioral skills. If necessary, she will fearlessly defend her own child, but never sacrifice personal interests for his sake. A woman of this zodiac will not reject the offer to visit a party, to visit a variety show and in most cases will not give up her own business career advancement. At the same time, she is able to successfully combine her labor activity with the care and education of daughters and sons in the norms and rules of good behavior.

Being extremely meek, affectionate and full of love for her family, a woman Leo maintains a distance with strangers, not allowing even a small, unceremonious and unleashed appeal to herself.

The woman of the zodiac sign Leo will not change his beloved until such time as he is convinced that he does not run to the side. However, if the Leo doubts her sincerity and feels at least a minor lie, she will immediately take revenge on the traitor in the same way.

Leo Compatibility

Compatibility zodiac signs Leo and Aries. Pretty wayward couple. The common passions and ardor of nature of Leo and Aries awakens passionate relationships in the genital area, but the excessive manifestation of stubbornness and the uncompromisingness inherent in these zodiacs are often the cause of strong contradictions and differences between them.

Compatibility zodiac signs Leo and Taurus. For Taurus, this alliance is not very suitable, even, one might say, unsuccessful, but Leo will receive reliable protection in the person of Taurus. The excessive generosity and inclination of Leo to frequent changes of elects has an overwhelming effect on the prudent Taurus.

Compatibility zodiac signs Leo and Gemini. Being in the love snaps of Gemini is quite simple. The Leo attracts to Gemini, but the tendency of the latter to inconsistency plunges Leo into a rage, and only not the long duration of the relationship between the zodiac of this couple saves Gemini from big trouble.

Compatibility zodiac signs Leo and Cancer. Leo strives everywhere to take the leading role, to be first in everything and always be in sight, which is why Cancer often feels unnecessary and discarded. Even taking into account that Leo can help Cancer in the implementation of his ideas, Cancer, due to the incessant nagging whining due to minor difficulties in life, has every chance of losing the benevolence of Leo.

Compatibility zodiac signs Leo and Leo. This is an extremely difficult and intense union, in which only a feeling of sexual satisfaction, enthusiasm and charm with the appearance of his chosen one gives the ability of each of Leo to calm the inner urge to prevail over a partner. This royal rivalry, however, surprisingly, but the union of these zodiacs is sometimes quite viable.

Compatibility zodiac signs Leo and Virgo. Communication data zodiakov requires considerable concessions from Virgo. Leo, after being established in the leading role, which will surely be him, in the person of the man born under the zodiac, Virgo will acquire the faithful, attentive and reliant partner.

Compatibility zodiac signs Leo and Libra. The refinement and resourcefulness of Libra, natural endowments and leadership traits of the zodiac Leo can form an extremely attractive and entertaining pair. Often, both one and the second begin to unreasonably spend and behave extremely defiantly with regards to cash. However, in the end, they still have to jointly plan and ponder the feasibility of certain money expenses.

Compatibility zodiac signs Leo and Scorpio. In most cases, the relationship between these signs is hot, not easy and short. This union is good in sexual terms, but the impetuous nature of Scorpio and the presence of leadership traits in each of the zodiacs of this pair can make many complications in the relationship between them, as well as lead to cavils and accusations from the elect.

Compatibility zodiac signs Leo and Sagittarius. Wonderful and highly compatible pair. By its nature, Sagittarius is extremely similar to Leo, and besides, it’s not against assigning the role of leader to your partner, which is sometimes extremely necessary and very important for a successful relationship with Leo. This couple will enjoy traveling and adventures, unnecessary and careless expenses, but Leo should not forget that all of the money problems will have to be solved only by him alone.

Compatibility zodiac signs Leo and Capricorn. Quite a controversial relationship, but it is quite capable of developing into a long-term relationship. Sometimes the unyielding Capricorn will try to make a riot and try to take control of his partner, however, if Leo can not give in to the will of the too dispersed Capricorn, then such a wonderful alliance can only be dreamed of.

Compatibility zodiac signs Leo and Aquarius. The zodiacs of this pair are completely different in nature, but they are drawn to each other, like butterflies to a fire that can burn them. The pride and lack of restraint, manifested in the interests of the Zodiac of Aquarius, will ultimately lead to the loss of common hobbies and interests, and Leo’s union with Aquarius cannot be maintained.

Compatibility zodiac signs Leo and Pisces. Charming, endearing views and smiles of Pisces with their charm, tender kisses – how suddenly love burst into the world of Leo, in which the strong strives to “eat” the weak. Communication with Leo is detrimental to Pisces. After Leo helps the Pisces to realize in which ruthless world they live, the latter will perish, because it is not its habitat and it is not created for it.

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