July 31: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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July 31 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on July 31, your zodiac sign is Leo.


The Leo born on this day are funny, witty and friendly people. The ruling planet on this day – Uranus, gives their character ambitions, resourcefulness and tenacity. If you are born on this day, then you are a person combining reverie and practicality.

These people are ambitious and always want to succeed in life. Too proud to ever ask for help. Profound and love philosophy, history. Despite the friendliness, they can be somewhat withdrawn emotionally.


In a personal relationship, romantic and passionate. They have a charming and tender temperament, so they need a partner who will be able to give the same amount of warmth and love. Intimate conversation and an open exchange of emotions and sensations are very important to them. They love spontaneity and liveliness in relationships. In the bedroom, playful and want pleasant words.

Strengths: expressiveness, sociability, purposefulness
Weaknesses: pessimism, anxiety, isolation.


The number of life path – 4, it is associated with the keyword “honesty”, which emphasizes your sincerity and openness.

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