July 23: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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July 23 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on July 23, your zodiac sign is Leo.


People born on this day are open for communication and friendship, love to be in the center of attention. The ruling planet on this day, Mercury gives their character a wonderful imagination and desire to go their own way. On this day people are born with great curiosity and the desire to try new things. Very loyal to others, generous and honest.

At times, self-assured and easily recover from failures.


In personal relationships, expressive and not afraid to show their feelings and romanticism. Their gullibility can lead to frustration. Affectionate and sentimental, strive to become truly close to their partner. May have somewhat old-fashioned values. They need a person who will share their feelings and views, and remain absolutely faithful.

In bed, not selfish and ready to put the needs of a partner in the first place. Can be extremely jealous and go into themselves.

Strengths: compassion, responsiveness, receptivity.
Weaknesses: intolerance, stubbornness, jealousy.


The number of life’s journey is 5, it is connected with the key word “Question”, which underlines your curiosity and desire to understand everything.

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