July 2: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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July 2 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on July 2, your zodiac sign is Cancer.


People born on this day are persistent, purposeful but at the same time affectionate and susceptible to the feelings of others. The ruling planet on this day – the moon gives their character compassion and warmth. If you are born on this day, then you are an incredibly sensitive person who responds strongly to any kind of injustice.

Those born on this day are often engaged in introspection, but still they lack confidence in themselves somewhat. They do not like to burden others with their problems and carefully hide their emotions.


In personal relationships have a sweet and gentle temperament. At times they may be capricious, but they are ready to calm down with a sufficient number of consoling hugs and kisses. These people will flourish and enjoy themselves in a relaxed and comfortable environment. They need to know that the relationship is serious, then they feel safe.

Prone to forgive, but not immediately forgotten. These people are sentimental and tender, in the bedroom they love erotic foreplay and slow sensual actions.

Strengths: perseverance, insight, justice.
Weaknesses: capriciousness, anxiety.


The number of life path – 2, it is associated with the keyword “harmony”, which emphasizes your thirst for equality and balance in life.

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