July 11: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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July 11 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on July 11, your zodiac sign is Cancer.


People born on this day are kind and generous, adore the company. The ruling planet on this day – the Moon gives their character sensitivity to the mood of other people.

Can’t tolerate advice and guidance from above. However, they do not rush to swear and prefer to solve all issues peacefully and tactfully. Their diplomatic nature allows you to work without problems and trouble. People born on this day are ambitious and have lots of ideas. Their friendly temperament makes them great friends and partners.


In personal relationships, romantic and incredibly loving. A sense of friendship and a relaxed atmosphere are very important to them. Despite their self-sufficiency, they love affection, attention and flattery, at times they tend to cause self-pity.

Your partners are looking for a person with whom you can share emotions, aspirations and fantasies. These Cancers love to maintain close physical and mental connection with a partner and feel absolutely unique.

In long-term relationships, at times they can be stubborn, untidy and boring, but in most cases these people are generous and willing to share their warmth.

Strengths: kindness, diplomacy, tact.
Weaknesses: uncleanliness, rudeness, gloominess.


The number of life path – 2, it is associated with the keyword “Harmony”, which underlines the dislike of disagreements.

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