January 23: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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January 23 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on January 23, your sign is Aquarius, the ruling planet Uranus.


The ruling planet on their birthday is Mercury. He creates personalities incredibly innovative and universal. These people are quite sociable and friendly, a bit rebellious by nature. They have a humanitarian mindset. A bit eccentric in their ideas.

On this day, trends that affect their character are associated with a decrease in the influence of Venus, due to the transition of the Sun through the sign of Aquarius. Those born on this day have a sharp mind, quick thinking, they are cunning and incredibly arrogant. From school to the last working days, position themselves as leaders.

Self-realization, continuous development, growth and self-improvement constantly encourage them to continuously move forward. Having set themselves a task, they will stop at nothing until they reach their goal.

Two features of the mind, these men and women become the key link that allows you to make decisions without fail, to do things, or to foretell tricks. This is a unique intuition and talent to recognize a lie.

It is practically impossible to deceive an Aquarius whose birthday falls on this day. False tendencies, fear, insecurity, he feels per kilometer. Such a significant gift becomes a cause of intense personal life. It is extremely difficult to establish a relationship of trust.

Furious careerists. In the race for fame and fortune they forget about friendship, mercy, respect. At the same time, professional reputation and honor are highly valued, which are not always as pure and crystal clear as the Aquarius themselves claim.

Oral talents and innate art to convince anyone that they are right, make them unique manipulators. Throughout their lives, they try to present themselves a step higher, hiding their real origin and place. Friendship is always looking for profit, interest.

Often they do not hide it. They have a good state of health, but they are subject to various injuries, illnesses, due to the rapid rhythm of life and constant haste. When it comes to pleasures and entertainment, health is pushed into the background in the list of priorities of these people.

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