January 17: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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January 17 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on January 17, your zodiac sign is Capricorn.


People born January 17th are usually thoughtful and intelligent. This is Capricorns, which are more creative approach to life than their other relatives. On this day, the ruling planet is Saturn, which gives these individuals a more manageable and stable character. Men and women born on this day are truly determined and creative.

If you were born on this day, then you are hardworking, able to come up with innovative ideas. You are more compassionate and sensitive than other Capricorns.

They always know what they want from life, so they rarely achieve their goals. Diligence, dedication, combined with a positive attitude towards life, helps them in all endeavors. Possess qualities not quite characteristic of Capricorn, such as kindness and generosity.

Ready to help, those who will need it. Always in their environment will be not a few people on whom they can always count. They must have a reliable friend, with whom they do not part all their lives. They give reports to their actions, and they will never do what can compromise them. Very reliable partners. Always keep the promise, even if it can go against their interests.

In work, very responsible. Always with great tenacity go to the intended goal. If it is necessary to carry out something important, you can safely trust the one who was born on this day. There is no doubt that everything will be done in the best possible way. Achieve well-being early enough. Throughout life, trying to improve their position. Very restrained and possess a sense of tact. They are better kept silent than express their opinions.

Often, people around them have a feeling to start, so they know how to create the impression that everything is easy for them and that everything is always good for them. In fact, behind external success, there is a titanic work. Quite often work on the image. Do not allow the thought that, someone may doubt their well-being. The mode of the day, proper nutrition, weekends and holidays several times a year. This, the schedule on which they live and rarely go beyond it.


Work is very important for these people, but they need to look for a place where you can meet your ambitions and just enjoy the activity. One of your strengths is the ability to manage money, but sometimes you are too thrifty.


Usually, people born on January 17 have an excellent state of health, but you need to remember to exercise and to satisfy your emotional needs. You tend to consume a lot of sweets, which is why you may have frequent problems with your teeth.

Strengths: independence, charisma, determination.
Weaknesses: imperiousness, stubbornness. In most cases, your negative traits manifest themselves in those moments when you are tired, so try to avoid overwork.


Your life path number is 8, this figure is related to “Leadership”, this underlines your authoritarian nature and skills for improvisation.

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