January 15: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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January 15 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on January 15, your zodiac sign is Capricorn.


People born on this day are considered very stable and reliable. The control planet on this day is Venus, which gives these men and women creative ability and love for beautiful things. These people strive for success and recognition. They are practical, realistic and strive for some definite meaningful goal in life.

Unlike other people born under the sign of Capricorn, you are more romantic and sentimental, often have high standards and expectations from partners.

Capricorns born on this day are very gifted and talented people. They dreamed and dreamers. At the same time, they never break away from reality and live on the real affairs and worries. Due to the high level of organization, they often manage to make even the most fantastic plans come true.

They love to travel, often for educational purposes. Very cheerful, and try, that would be, those who are next to them, experienced the same feelings. They have a soft and docile nature, but they always strive for everything to be subject to their control.

And if everything goes, exactly as they intended, they feel incredibly happy. Unlike other Capricorns, they are often surrounded by loyal and devoted friends. They themselves behave in a similar way to those whom they trust. In a relationship, honest and sincere.

People born on this day have strong families. The love and harmony reigning in their relationship, as a rule, is entirely their merit. Do not seek to conquer all the heights that stand in their way. Often prefer family happiness, advancement on a career ladder. Pay much attention to their appearance.

To keep fit, it is not uncommon to diet and play sports. They love to be surrounded by beautiful things, comfort and coziness. They try to be flawless in everything and react very sensitively to criticism. Despite the apparent weakness, those who were born on January 15, have a strong character and are very confident in themselves.

And if they set a goal, then what can be achieved, then it wakes up. They will never be offended by themselves or those who are dear to them. And, if anyone’s interests or security infringe, then they will selflessly defend themselves using any methods. Always come out victorious from such situations. Rarely forgive their offenders.

Never attack first. They try to avoid conflicts, and if, in their understanding, the opponent is not a worthy opponent, they will pass by with their heads held high. Good performers and rarely rush to the leaders. They love music, painting and are well versed in them. Very often, people born on this day choose creative professions for themselves in which they can achieve tangible success.


Your weakness in terms of health is frustration and anxiety, all of which greatly affect your well-being. Your emotional health is very important for you, so you should learn how to deal with your stresses. Astrology recommends that you do some simple sports or yoga exercises. Try to regularly relax and rest.

Strengths: compassion, courageous approach to life, the ability to inspire and advise.
Weaknesses: emotional insecurity in personal relationships, selfishness. Over time, your shortcomings will become less noticeable, with age you will learn to trust and set the right priorities.


Your life journey number – 6 is associated with “Socialization” – this is the key word with which you need to go through life. You need to be more open and sociable.

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