Horse and Rooster Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Horse and Rooster Compatibility

Horse and Rooster Compatibility Chinese AstrologyHorse and Rooster compatibility are weak. Temperament and attitudes are quite different, although outwardly these two seem alike.

The Horse man and Rooster woman are not combined in the best way. Relationships have very little chance. At first, the Horse man will attract the Rooster woman with his vigorous, active nature and courageous character. Since, in moments of enthusiasm, he is capable of even more active and effective actions, then, carried away by the bright Rooster woman, he will almost certainly make the most favorable impression. In domestic terms, and this is very important, these two differ quite strongly. Cock show-off and superficiality will lead out of themselves a pragmatic, practical Horse man. Extremely low flexibility of both partners will also not be in the hands of their union – it is difficult for them to compromise and put themselves in the shoes of their loved one (s). In general, these two are unlikely to be able to harmoniously get used to each other.
A Rooster man and a Horse woman can make a very difficult couple, which in society will look very impressive and may even become scandalous. Both partners are very bright and interesting personalities who love attention. The external side of social life is very important to them, which sometimes goes against the “stuffing”. The sparking Rooster man, of course, will immediately please the Horse woman, but in the future he may lose interest or spend a supply of effective techniques that are so effective in the early stages of the novel. Within a couple, relationships will develop worse than their “foreign policy”. A stronger and strong-willed Horse may simply crush his man, who, of course, will not like to be on the sidelines in family life – after all, he has his own dictatorial habits. Mutual selfishness will add fuel to the fire of contradictions. Despite some differences, the couple can live together and live happily.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Rooster and the Horse are difficult to combine, but if you wish, you can consider each individual case from the perspective of compromises and concessions.