Horse and Pig Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Horse and Pig Compatibility

Horse and Pig Compatibility Chinese AstrologyHorse and Pig have a difficult compatibility. The differences are particularly clearly seen in the pair of Horse woman – Pig man. A set of Horse qualities is more suitable for her husband, so a pair of Pig woman – Horse man is considered more promising.

Here sometimes everything seems to be in its place. Horse woman and Pig man may well converge and begin a romantic relationship. However, they will soon discover that they are quite different. The Horse woman is an active, rectilinear and easy-going lady who, in addition, also strives to lead in a pair. The Pig man, on the other hand, prefers quiet family evenings to noisy groups of friends. He, moreover, is extremely wary of any changes, unlike his passionate revolutionary. In this pair, partners simply need to communicate more frankly with each other. The Horse woman will do very wisely if he calms down his ardor a little, and the Pig man should be a little liberated. This couple may well create a happy family, but will have to put a lot of effort.
In a pair of Horse man and Pig woman, mutual attraction will also be present, and also after the end of the bouquet-candy period, contradictions begin to crystallize. The Horse man is a very active person who simply cannot stand still. His life is replete with vivid events, parties and other manifestations of a rich social life. He is hardworking and hardy. Pig woman is a much calmer person: she feels more comfortable in a narrower circle of friends and in a less noisy environment. She is a purely woman striving for stability and peace. This lady does not like innovations and behaves more conservatively. The mad dynamics of a Horse man might just scare her. Family life is also diplomacy, and in this area the Pig woman acts more skillfully, therefore the well-being of this couple depends on her first of all. This union may well exist for many years.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Horse and the Pig fit together well. The union between them is quite possible.