Horse and Monkey Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Horse and Monkey Compatibility

Horse and Monkey Compatibility Chinese AstrologyIn a pair of Horse – Monkey compatibility is not bad. They have differences, common features and mutual interest, that is, the material for the work.

The combination of a Horse man and a Monkey woman is considered quite successful. Both partners in this couple are known as secular people who love noisy events and social activities. Among the shortcomings of both can be identified some selfishness, which to a greater or lesser extent will spoil the relationship. To build a harmonious relationship from them will require concessions and efforts. The Monkey woman is very sophisticated and cunning in achieving her goals. Of course, she will try to manipulate her husband, and if he understands this, then she will not avoid conflicts. After all, a Horse man is accustomed to seek victories in a direct way and will not approve such actions of his passion. Honesty, openness and sincerity are very important to him. In general, there are difficulties in this pair, but they are not critical.
Monkey man and Horse woman also have similar features, which, of course, can bring them together, but there are differences that can be fatal for this couple. The Horse woman is a courageous, energetic, active lady who prefers to act more than meditate. She has just bee-hard work and endurance – with the right motivation, a Horse woman can move mountains. Monkey man is an agile, sociable, sociable gentleman. He always has a lot of projects in his head, which he, however, seeks to implement in a slightly different way. The Monkey man masterfully manipulates people: others sometimes act in his interests, without even realizing it. In this pair, disagreements may arise on the basis of Monkey “tricks” that the Horse woman does not like, saying that such “frills” are not suitable for men. And she, in her turn, can stun her chosen one with too “clumsy” words and actions – perhaps this is not exactly a woman’s business, to punch the wall with her head. Despite this, attraction is still there, and the passion may well turn into a more solid and deep feeling.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Horse and the Monkey are combined more or less favorably: it all depends on the desire of the subjects to be together. In this case, this is not puppy optimism and streamlined leveling – the couple really has a future.