Horse and Dog Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Horse and Dog Compatibility

Horse and Dog Compatibility Chinese AstrologyCompatibility Horses and Dogs are one of the best in the entire horoscope. They will quickly like each other and may well maintain warm relationships for many years.

The Horse woman and the Dog man are very well suited for each other. Often they feel a soul mate in their partner. They are both people of great honesty, openness and friendliness. The Horse woman possesses attractiveness and charm which cannot but attract. The Dog man is also attractive in its own way. He has real man traits: firmness, determination, strength – what could be more attractive for a woman? This couple has excellent chances to carry love through life. Among the possible obstacles to joint happiness, we can distinguish the conflict between two strong characters, the owners of which, of course, are both partners. Mind and warm feelings will help them find ways to reconciliation. The joint professional activity will also turn out well: their forces will double. Results can exceed your wildest expectations.
The combination of Dogs woman and Horses man are also great for creating an exemplary family. The merits of one insure the shortcomings of the other. The man and woman parts of this union are in harmony. Horse man has a strong energy and strong-willed character. He, of course, will be a great head of the family and a support for his beloved. Dog woman possesses such “ornaments” as honesty, intelligence, tact. This lady also will not, as a rule, build herself from the Amazon and with great skill will be managed with the household. A Dog woman can succeed in a career too, but, as a rule, does not consider it shameful to provide her husband with a reliable rear.

Horse and Dog on the Chinese horoscope are great for each other. Such a combination may be a model. Their reverent attitude towards each other will be noticeable even to those around them, and the family idyll will be able to withstand many trials.