Gemini Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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This is perhaps the most active, fun and even reckless couple of all. They are easily recognizable by the noise produced, which does not end at home.

Gemini Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

A woman and a Gemini man speak quickly, often interrupting each other, act impulsively, and then together they rake the consequences. If they are united by a common cause, it will move very quickly, but not always – in the right direction.

They quarrel often, violently, but, as a rule, on trifles. Both want both freedom, and domination, and confidence in a partner – and then everything will go as agreed. The union can be very long if they turn out to be, as they say, on the same wavelength.

Sex Compatibility

In bed, they are waiting for the fireworks of feelings and extravaganza of sensations. Both are ready to experiment and translate any fantasies, so there is no time to miss them, and each time they are not like the previous one.

Overflowing energy and irrepressible curiosity can cause mutual betrayal, so both of them are both jealous and looking around. If they are really good together, these little things will not affect anything, and even treason can be forgiven and forgotten.

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