Gemini Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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Of them get a good pair, despite the different characters. Unless, of course, they pass by each other, looking in different directions.

Gemini Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

The Cancer man will give the companion seriousness and subtlety, the Gemini woman will introduce him to his friends and help him make decisions faster. They will find many common interests and will be able to conduct joint business with great success for both.

Quarrels are possible because she likes to say what she thinks, and he is keenly reacting to criticism and can long accumulate dissatisfaction inside. Therefore, partners should talk more with each other and not leave friction for later.

Sex Compatibility

A very good option, as both do not like monotony and welcome experiments. The difference in temperaments plays into their hands, bringing romance, sensuality and unpredictability to sex at the same time.

The betrayals in this union are rare, because they have much in common, and are usually associated with the woman’s feeling that her freedom has been taken away from her, although in reality this is not so. However, they trust each other and do not make jealousy scenes.

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