Gemini 2020 Horoscope Overview

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Gemini 2020 Love Horoscope

Gemini 2020 Horoscope OverviewYou might feel like love is just a pain this year, Gemini. As the year begins, Venus, the planet of love, is retrograde (appearing to move backward) in your sector of passion and intimacy. You likely don’t feel as though you have the real emotional and physical bonds that you crave, and you’re more desperate to be close with someone.

Mars spends the first half of the year in your love sector, which increases your need to have love in your life, and he retrogrades in this sector March 1st through May 19th. During this time, you can see problems with your love relationships, get into a lot of fights with the people you love, and if single, you can enter into a combative relationship where you’re ready to kill each other one minute and then ripping each other’s clothes off the next.

Mercury also retrogrades in your love sector October 10th – 25th, and you can have trouble seeing eye-to-eye with loved ones. With these retrogrades, there is a chance you could see an old love come back into your life at some point this year.

Pluto remains in your sector of passion and intimacy all year, bringing a transformative quality to your intimate relationships and making you less inclined to go for the casual stuff. Saturn enters your relationship sector starting December 23rd, and you get even more serious about your relationships. You’ll start to examine your relationships and figure out what’s working and what isn’t, and see who can stay and who needs to go.

Gemini 2020 Career Horoscope

It’s an interesting year career-wise, Gemini. Jupiter remains in your money sector until July 16th, and you can continue to create financial opportunities and try to increase your finances. Saturn remains in your work sector until December 23rd, and you may have had a lot of problems to deal with in your work that now begin to subside, and you can start having the kind of work life that you want if you’ve been making good choices and getting rid of bad work habits. Neptune remains in your career sector all year, and you continue to struggle with creating concrete goals, and need to focus more on making your dreams reality.

Mercury is your ruler, and you usually don’t like it when he turns retrograde, and for 2020, he’s going to retrograde in your career houses. February 6th – 12th, he’s retrograde in your career sector, and you can see goals become further away, encounter roadblocks in your career, or make a bad impression on someone you need to make a good impression on. June 7th – 17th, Mercury is retrograde in your money sector, and you could experience a financial setback or unexpected expenditure. October 4th – 10th, Mercury is retrograde in your work sector, and you can have projects come undone, have to redo work, and miss the details. With all of these retrogrades, you could go back to an old job or employer, or do work you used to do this year.

Gemini 2020 General Horoscope

Uranus remains in your 11th house all year, making your dreams more unusual and constantly changing. After Mercury retrogrades in your money sector, he moves into your sector ruling the self, retrograding there June 17th – July 1st. You might feel completely off in just about every way during this time, and feel like nothing can go right, every little thing is coming undone, and you don’t know what to do next. You’ll need to be patient with yourself and life during that time, and not make any big decisions or changes. It is a good time to get a second chance at something though.

Neptune remains in Pisces all year, and will square (difficult aspect) your Sun this year if you’re born May 24th – 29th. The turn retrograde June 6th will impact more those born May 27th – 30th, and the turn direct will impact more those born May 24th – 27th. You may have a hard time seeing things as they really are, and not grasp reality. You get lost in fantasy, preferring that over reality, and look at things in the abstract, ignoring the details. Other people may have a hard time seeing you for who you really are, instead preferring to see you as they want. You can also have trouble seeing people as they are as well, so this usually isn’t a good time for getting involved with someone new, though you can meet people who you feel you have a karmic connection with.

Gemini 2020 Month-by-Month Mini Horoscopes

January 2020

You feel creative and driven to pursue your own ego needs, and you feel comfortable doing things you’ve never done before. You want to be exposed to something different. You just probably won’t dig too deep into anything, and skim the surface instead. If you have to dig deep, you’ll be impatient and give up quickly.

May 2020

A new moon occurs in your sign on May 28th, and this is a good time to start something new. Embark on a new project or new journey and have a new experience. This is especially true for those of you born May 26th – 30th. You’ll almost have to start something new. You’ll feel more enthusiastic and energetic.

September 2020

You crave comfort and attention, and you could use some time off from everything too, so take it if you can. This is a good month for dealing with your loved ones, expressing your love for others, and spending time with those you’re close to. Love is all around you, and it can inspire you to create something wonderful.

February 2020

During the second half of the month, you feel restricted by life, and something may be quite literally holding you back. You feel like you’re suffocating, and you just want to run away as fast as you can. You’ll have to wait though, because running away now won’t do you any good.

June 2020

You feel alive this month, like you’re coming out of your shell, but it might be because you have to deal with so many problems that you can’t retreat like you want. Don’t get overwhelmed by all you have to face. Make sure to breathe and steady those nerves of yours so you don’t lose it at the worst moment and make things worse.

October 2020

You don’t feel like working or dealing with your responsibilities, but that’s what is on your plate this month. This isn’t the time for silliness and goofing off. It all could cause you to give up on a dream, but could also lead to a new opportunity for work. Also watch your health and your pets this month.

March 2020

The big picture comes to your mind with ease this month, and you can wrap your mind around big ideas. You’re thinking bigger and bigger, and you enjoy striving for something bigger. You put your mind on a goal, and make plans to achieve it, and what you want may seem a bit different from what you usually go for.

July 2020

If you feel like learning something new, go for it. You’re more curious about the world and want to pick up new information, and your mind is more active and open. The more you pursue mental activities, the better you feel about yourself. It’s like your mind is your lucky charm right now, so use it or lose it.

November 2020

Whatever anyone wants or needs, you can get it for them this month. Your focus is on others rather than yourself, and you’re in a giving mood. You want to show your commitment to your loved ones, and helping them out with whatever they need is a good place to start. Show your love and affection for them.

April 2020

When you feel emotional this month, you need to let it out in a creative way. Keeping it all inside of you will just cause you to explode eventually. As the month goes on, you feel like letting go of some baggage that you no longer need, and this is a feeling that will last for the next few months. It’s time to clear out the clutter.

August 2020

Spend some time at home and with your family this month. Do some renovations, redecorating, move around furniture, or move to a new place. Make up with relatives and plan a family outing. You won’t want to try anything new this month, preferring to stick to the things you know best.

December 2020

A full moon occurs in your sign on December 6th, and this is a good time to end something. Full moons are all about endings and culminations, and you’re punished for bad behavior and rewarded for good behavior. Those of you born June 2nd – 6th may be impacted by this full moon most, and you can be more emotional and sensitive.