February 18: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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February 18 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on February 18, your sign is the Aquarius.


The last stage of the Aquarian cycle is approaching. The penultimate day of the third decade of this sign. People born on February 18 to a lesser extent combine the qualities inherent in representatives of this sign. Aquarius, whose birthday falls on this number, is very independent from childhood.

In the eyes of others, they are attractive, popular. Their distinctive quality – they do not know how to lie. In business they are honest and fair. They live at their own expense, not relying on outside help. At the same time, they will never miss the chance to use any gratuitous services of anybody, showing a kind of arrogance.

Have developed, fast thinking. In any dispute, dispute confidently defend their position. Never be allowed to humiliate yourself. Know their value and can always stand up for themselves. Negative attitude to gossip, rumors. Always speak in person, aware of the lowness of a person’s discussion, behind his back, in his absence.

Authority and respect are earned by deeds. In love affairs persistent and determined. They are ready to fight to the last breath for their love. Extremely strict in relation to the partner. They are extremely selfish when it comes to someone besides them admiring their lover.

From the first days of the relationship, they seek to adjust the nature of the partner for themselves. Because of this, they sometimes become extremely boring and irritable. Aquarius, born February 18, honor traditions and respect older generations. Not without patriotic feelings. Clearly expressing their position do not compromise.

In financial matters, it plays both in their favor and against them. Sometimes they do not have enough pliability, understanding. They make decisions based on the circumstances existing at the time of the need to take a step. A complete refusal to take into account long-term benefits, to think not a few steps forward, is demonstrated by Aquarius, whose birthday falls on this day.

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