February 11: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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February 11 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on February 11, the sign of Aquarius.


The first day of the third decade of the sign of Aquarius. In place of the trends of Mercury, the Moon is approaching in the life of people born under this sign at a slow pace. Those born on this day are hidden, mysterious and sometimes mysterious personalities. Their way of life, habits, manner of expression arouse interest in all. Their worldview is often based on a deep philosophy.

The trends of the moon affect the calm and composure of those whose birthday is on that day. Spend a lot of time alone. Avoid noisy, crowded places, social events. At the same time, they feel confident in public. Possess rich knowledge, briefly and succinctly expressed.

Position themselves above simple human, everyday problems and interests. This makes them very critical of others. The births of February 11 are filled with confidence that their perception of life, their point of view and life position are the only true and correspond to reality. In love relationships are stingy with feelings.

Feel discomfort, expressing emotions. Therefore, sometimes, being overwhelmed by a deep, bright feeling of love, they are embarrassed to express it. Romance, love confessions perceive as a weakness of character. They live by the principle: a person does things, not words. In marriage relationships are responsible.

With utmost rigor to the management of the family budget, the fulfillment of marital debt, raising children. They do not like when hints about wrong behavior, false beliefs, or poorly performed work are addressed to them. At work, positioned as valuable, sometimes indispensable employees.

Choosing your career path, achieve maximum skills in their specialization. These Aquarians prefer to hide their personal lives from the eyes of those around them. Having lived with them for many years, they never cease to amaze with new and new stories from their past. No exception dreams and preferences born on this day. It is impossible to predict what their heart desires. They are hard to please, trying to give pleasure.

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