February 1: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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February 1 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on February 1, your sign Aquarius, the ruling planet of the Sun, it gives individuals passion, honesty and freedom in expressing their opinions. You can not tolerate any kind of seduction and deception.


People born in the second decade of Aquarius are influenced by Mercury. They are smart, very sensitive. Not rarely have a well-developed intuition, the gift of foresight, which very often helps them in life.

People born on this day have a special charm. They know how to enchant surrounding people. Know their value. If they are sure they are right, they will never leave their positions. They will defend their point of view to the last, even if they remain alone in their views on life.

Persistent in achieving the goal. Always stand firm on their own. Very emotionally unstable. Quite often not enough exposure. Frequent changes of mood in the first place create difficulties for those born on February 1.

So, how bad mood can cause a breakdown, very important issues. Quickly light up new ideas, but not infrequently they lack the will to complete what they have begun. Comprehensively developed personality. In this case, they do not often succeed in the business in which they are engaged.

This happens because sometimes it is difficult for them to concentrate on what is truly important to them. Often listen to other people’s advice. And they do not do what the heart tells them.

Do not use their intuition to the end, sometimes providing vital issues to other people. Very appreciated wealth. Not infrequently in their fate plays a big role, the help of a high-ranking patron.

Having achieved a good position, people whose birthday falls on 1 number, succumbing to temptation, can lose everything in an instant. In their environment is not enough not well-wishers. In addition, they almost do not manage to establish an even relationship, even with those whom he calls his friends. As a rule, those born on this day do not have them.

People born on this day have poor health. Therefore, they must be attentive to him. After 40 years, there is a chance of getting a serious illness. Serious attitude to health and preventive examinations will help to avoid negative consequences.

Strengths: A strong-willed character, quick thinking, reliability.
Weaknesses: Internal anxiety.


Your life number is 1, it means drive, so you have high ambitions and a passion for movement.

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