Dragon and Snake Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Dragon and Snake Compatibility

Dragon and Snake Compatibility Chinese AstrologyDragon and Snake compatibility are not very favorable, at least in the case of the Dragon woman and the Snake man. It will be difficult for such people to find a common language and come to an understanding.

The Dragon woman is bright, bold, intelligent, and unusually impulsive. Instant conclusions, solving complex issues in a matter of seconds and momentous actions are about her. The Snake Man is the opposite: he is reasonable, always calm, wise and experienced. Because of this, he does not always keep up with the pace of her life. In order not to provoke a conflict once again, a man has to adapt, listen to interests and fulfill all the demands of the Dragon woman. The joint life of this couple will be unpredictable. As often happens, much depends on the efforts of partners and their desire to engage in dialogue. In the most favorable case, the spouses will complement each other, in the worst case, they will quarrel over differences of opinion. Compatibility of the Snake man and the Dragon woman is not the best.
The Snake woman is a great temptress and flirty, she always has a lot of fans who are ready to carry her in their arms. First of all, she should look great, so she constantly looks after herself. Snake also has a wonderful intuition, she feels her loved ones and always knows when to help. The Dragon man is a very temperamental and multifaceted person, he is enduring, has a huge stock of energy and is very ambitious. If he fell in love, then completely dissolved in the relationship. The Dragon man and the Snake woman are a great couple where she will help him in her career development, and he will always love her for that. Intimate life will help strengthen the union: he is crazy about her sexuality, and she is delighted that it was to her that the Dragon presented his heart. In this area, the relationship of partners will be ideal. The compatibility of the Dragon man and the Snake woman is quite favorable.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Dragon and the Snake may well create a prosperous union, but it is worth working for it.