Dragon and Rooster Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Dragon and Rooster Compatibility

Dragon and Rooster Compatibility Chinese AstrologyCompatibility of the Dragon and Rooster has a clear binding to the floor. In a couple where the husband is a Dragon, good opportunities to build a happy life, and in the case of a Dragon wife and a rooster husband, there will be some difficulties.

The Dragon woman and the Rooste man have not only different interests, but also characters. The Dragon loves holidays and happy life, and the Rooster, although it likes to impress, but prefers a calm, measured existence. The Rooster Man loves the bright exterior, but the essence chooses a more practical one, and the Dragon woman chooses rich colors and large sparks both for the outside and for the inside. A Rooster man can help a Dragon woman bring more organization and practicality into her life, if, of course, she herself wants it. A woman will not think about the future, and her husband will try to streamline their relationship. Such distinctions can be “warmed up” by the hot, temper temper of both signs. The compatibility of the Dragon woman and the Rooster man can be called complex, but nothing is impossible.
The Rooster woman is quite uncommon and charming. It combines with success such bright features as style, charm, showiness. The main feature of any woman born in the Year of the Rooster is the desire to find a true man, and although she is a leader by nature, she will easily give the reins to her husband. Dragon man will be able to interest her. There will be no sexual imbalance: the man will be engaged in the material side of family life, “foreign policy”, and the lady will take over the home. The “sharp” character of both signs will not let you get bored, but these sparkles will only benefit the relationship. Dragon man will be the one who really needs a Rooster woman. This couple has excellent chances to build a wonderful family, the compatibility of the Dragon man and the Rooster woman is very good.

Dragon and Rooster in the Chinese horoscope have unequal compatibility. In a pair of Dragon man and Rooster woman there are great chances to create a happy family, in the opposite version you will have to sweat.