Dragon and Pig Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Dragon and Pig Compatibility

Dragon and Pig Compatibility Chinese AstrologyCompatibility between the Dragon and the Pig is not very successful. These people are quite different, interest between them may arise, but in order to develop it, you need to put a lot of effort.

Romantic relationships between the Dragon woman and the Pig man have a good prospect of becoming a marriage. To (when) it happened you need to overcome some obstacles. For example, a Dragon woman will sometimes perceive her partner not as an ally and closest person, but as a rival in the struggle for leadership. This, of course, is fundamentally wrong, and with such an attitude family porridge can not cook. In such a situation, of course, efforts should be made by the Pig man. He should sometimes give his wife “steer”, which will give her great pleasure, but the husband should play the main role. Some rivalry is permissible, but everything is good in moderation. Quarrels and disagreements that arise in any pair will more often arise due to the complex nature of the woman Dragon. Her exactingness and sharpness will be catalysts for disagreement. The Pig man should be wiser and not respond to it outside the box, if, of course, he needs this woman.
The Dragon man and the Pig woman may also make a good pair, but they will also have to make concessions. Here, as in the opposite version, the Dragon is a troublemaker. He is unconstrained, sometimes rude and completely undiplomatic. With the help of these qualities it will not be possible to create strong relationships and an atmosphere of love and trust. The Pig woamn is vulnerable, timid and withdrawn. However, apart from the differences, there are common features that, of course, will bring these people together. They both love activity, show curiosity and lightly relate to some domestic issues. In particular, both the Dragon and the Pig can sometimes afford to spend too large sums on not very important and necessary things. It can combine not only positive features, but also disadvantages.

On the whole, according to the Chinese horoscope, the Dragon and the Pig have not the most favorable compatibility. This couple has a lot to do for family happiness, and what could be more expensive than that?