Dragon and Monkey Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Dragon and Monkey Compatibility

Dragon and Monkey Compatibility Chinese AstrologyCompatibility between the Dragon and the Monkey, as a rule, successful. They are very similar, which can not affect their sympathies for each other. They are not so similar as to bore each other, but enough to create mutual interest.

The Dragon man is a vibrant personality that will never go unnoticed. His inner strength attracts people, but he also has negative sides – egoism, arrogance and authoritarianism. The Monkey woman is sure to interest the Dragon. She is very witty, attractive and unpredictable. Because it is somewhat superficial, there are no problems for it. They are both very vain, eager for recognition, love flattery and love to be leaders. The Monkey, which always seeks to find a strong man defender, will find one in the Dragon. He will be able to protect her, ensure a materially prosperous life and create a decent social status. This tandem, despite some disagreements, will be able to live a happy life together. The compatibility of the Dragon man and the Monkey woamn is quite normal, which is called “working”.
Dragon woman and Monkey man will also be able to create a strong union, their life will be filled with pleasant surprises and joyful events. The Monkey man is very cheerful and charismatic, he infects those around him with his energy, he never gets tired and is always happy to friends. The Dragon woman will notice him instantly, and if she wishes, she will be able to captivate from the first minute. After all, she is so bright and charming that she always likes the opposite sex, and the Monkey man is no exception. The power and strong character of the Dragon does not bother the potential husband, on the contrary – it attracts the Monkey man. Both partners can not tolerate a gray routine, and, of course, such a community will contribute to the rapprochement and development of relations. This couple will be happy to spend time together in noisy companies, attend entertainment events and participate in entertainment programs. The compatibility of the Dragon woman and the Monkey man is favorable, such a pair has every chance of sharing happiness.

The commonality of interests and views on life will certainly have a good effect on the likelihood of union in this pair. Good compatibility with the Chinese horoscope Dragon and Monkey can and should be implemented.