Dragon and Horse Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Dragon and Horse Compatibility

Dragon and Horse Compatibility Chinese AstrologyHorse and Dragon compatibility are simply excellent. The energy and activity of both signs may well coexist without harming each other. Good mix for marriage.

The main trait of the Dragon woman’s character is unpredictability and sociability. She tries to be ahead of everyone, to receive what she wants and takes the maximum experience from life. The Dragon woman is a bold, bright and slightly unbalanced lady. It attracts people with its originality and brightness. The Horse man is somewhat like her. It is developed mentally, has good prospects and good luck, and in difficult situations it can be penetrative. A Horse man is naughty, temperamental and extremely active, you will not get bored with him. Being next to such a man, the Dragon woman will be proud of him. The spouse will become her husband a faithful assistant, and he, in turn, will not blame her beloved for some mistakes and will always support him with a kind word. The compatibility of the Dragon woman and the Horse man promises an interesting tandem with a beautiful future.
The Dragon man and the Horse woman are a magnificent union. The wife will appreciate her husband for emotion and ardor, and he will be delighted with her mind and imagination. They have quite different characters, but they still have a lot in common. For them, an interesting joint vacation – just a fairy tale in reality. They are so good together that no one else is needed. They can sometimes quarrel, but overflowing with love and affection will not allow the spats to drag on. In their relationship, they strive for the ideal, and not only emotionally, but also physically. The pair of Horse woman – Dragon man compatibility is very good – an excellent “material” for creating a happy family.

Dragon and Horse in most cases have favorable compatibility. Such a combination promises not only mutual respect and interest, but passion, which is very important for such ardent signs in the Chinese horoscope as the Dragon and the Horse.