Dragon and Dragon Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Dragon and Dragon Compatibility

Dragon and Dragon Compatibility Chinese AstrologyThe combination of two Dragons is very interesting. Their compatibility promises anything, but not boredom.

Dragon man knows women perfectly and knows how to find an approach. He has a soft will and for a Dragon woman can be a wonderful spouse. The Dragon man and the Dragon woman are ideally suited to each other in an intimate way. Their passion can smooth many differences. Spouses touchingly care from each other, helping in everything. They overcome difficult life situations together. In their free time, they prefer to travel, the Dragons do not like to stay at home. As a rule, they are almost completely devoid of jealousy, despite the fact that both Dragons gather around themselves a considerable number of fans. Still would! The Dragon loves to fascinate and delight so much that it literally feeds on emotions and enthusiastic looks. Confidence within a couple can be considered exemplary in some way. Representatives of the Year of the Dragon sometimes very successful in the financial sector and career. Natural passion, luck and “light” in the eyes help the Dragons in making money, but in order to spend it wisely it is worth cooling off each other’s ardor.
There is a risk of a certain competition within the family, therefore it is better for the spouses to realize themselves in different areas. In the struggle for power and supremacy, the one who turns out to be wiser will voluntarily give up leadership in order to avoid further conflicts and competitions, well … at least make it appear. You can also advise to rest from time to time separately – the mad energy of the Dragon couple will only increase without the risk of “burnout”.

Passionate relations can be for two Dragons according to the Chinese horoscope a good foundation for building a strong family, where love is at the forefront. Such an idealistic picture will be decorated with sparks and bright colors – you will not be bored.