Dragon and Dog Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Dragon and Dog Compatibility

Dragon and Dog Compatibility Chinese AstrologyDragon and Dog – not the most successful pair. Their compatibility is very weak, and in both combinations: Dog woman and Dragon man or Dragon woman and Dog man. To build happiness, this couple will have to seriously work on themselves and each other.

The Dragon woman and the Dog man have a different perception of the world around them and their life; therefore, the relationship of such a couple will not be formed in the simplest way. They generally do not have much in common. The Dragon woman is a creative, impulsive nature, which primarily seeks to realize its potential. Of course, such a person is looking for a bright, rich life and sometimes creates his own illusory reality. The Dog man has a more mundane and materialistic outlook, he loves household comfort and convenience. It is difficult for such people to understand each other, especially in the second phase of a relationship, when the romantic veil begins to subside from the eyes of partners. In such a couple, a man sometimes distances himself from making responsible decisions in family life and “dumps” it on his wife. However, the Dragon woman does not intend to spend her whole life on the family. In addition, any Dragon is eager for primacy, and this is not every man will suffer. On this basis, of course, quarrels occur. This pair may be suitable model of the so-called “free relationship”. Refusing to permanently live together, the couple will gain new momentum and mutual interest.
Compatibility will not be successful and in the opposite case – the Dragon man and the Dog woman. The difference of views and judgments will impede the spiritual convergence of these people. The Dragon man is full of creative energy and the blood from his nose should spend it on something meaningful. In gusts of activity, he can overlook a great deal, seeing only the goal. Dog woman highly appreciates material comforts, because of this it will be hard for her to understand the Dragon. In such conditions it will be difficult to build stable relationships. A man will have to provide a woman not only financially, but also spiritually. Human attention is, of course, the most precious thing a husband can give a wife.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Dog and the Dragon have a few points of contact. For a serious relationship, this combination is usually not suitable.