Dog and Dog Compatibility Chinese Astrology

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Dog and Dog Compatibility

Dog and Dog Compatibility Chinese AstrologyThe Dog and the Dog have good compatibility. This couple will meet some obstacles on the way to common happiness, but all this is surmountable.

Dog man and Dog woman, of course, have a lot in common, but this is unlikely to be on the hand of their life together. They combine well, but in some areas there will be difficulties. Dogs are very mobile, hardy, social, hardworking people. In addition, they possess honesty, a sense of justice and high morality. This is very important when it comes to relations between people: there will be no lies and falsehoods here, and this is a big plus. Common interests at the beginning will bring two Dogs closer together, but further differences will become apparent. Dogs often have difficulty in expressing their feelings and emotions, which is why communication within the couple may not be too smooth. Especially a Dog man is prone to some coldness and dryness in relations with his beloved, it will be difficult to wait for some manifestations of romance from him. It also sometimes prevents partners from building their own lives with excessive “Doggy” altruism. They sometimes lack a healthy egoism and focus on their own interests. Dogs are incurable optimists, and this is a big plus in the process of formation and development of family relationships. With a positive attitude, you can overcome any obstacles.

The Dog and Dog in the Chinese horoscope are combined well. They will have a foundation for building a happy family.