December 15: Birthday Horoscope Personality

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December 15 – Zodiac Sign

If you were born on December 15, your zodiac sign is Sagittarius.


The ruling planet on this day – Venus makes the character of these people inquisitive and diplomatic. They are witty and very impulsive people. Somewhat restless and without new sensations and events start to get bored quickly. Quick in decisions and often jump into the pool with his head. They are kind and sympathetic people. Generous and ready to always come to the rescue, while always keeping some emotional distance. They like communication and friendly competitions. Ambitious and hardworking, always responsibly treat their work. They have high principles and sometimes a bit domineering.


In personal relationships, seductive and flirtatious in appearance, but inside they are more emotional and sensitive people. Always committed to the partner and lead an honest game. Ready to share any amount of love and loyalty, in return waiting for the same. In spite of their love for parties and fun events, we are always happy to return to our cozy love nest.

Strengths: friendliness, thoughtfulness, insight.
Weaknesses: imperiousness, capriciousness.


The number of life path – 6, it is associated with the keyword “Sociality”, emphasizes in your character the kindness and love of communication.

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