Chinese Zodiac Tiger: Personality, Love Compatibility and Horoscope

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Tiger – Element Wood, Yang, 3rd Trine

Years of Chinese Zodiac (1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022)

Chinese Zodiac Tiger: Personality, Love Compatibility and HoroscopeTiger Personality

By nature, Tiger is a rebel, always expressing discontent. He is undisciplined and quick-tempered. It is these people who most often become leaders and revolutionaries, because they are prone to revolt against their superiors.

Its magnetism is very difficult to resist. Imperious character provides him with an undeniable advantage. Obedience is not for him, Tiger is used to subjugating to his will. Despite this, he is respected. Although they are afraid to say something against or reveal the truth. Even killing the Tiger, making an attempt on his life, he is honored and respected.

A Tiger could reach unprecedented heights if it could listen to its own mind and heed the advice of outsiders. By nature, he is a fighter, quick-tempered and sharp, the case for him comes first. Petty and litigious, stubborn and stubborn, the Tiger often comes into conflicts and quarrels. This is a selfish person, clinging to trifles, but in great things he can be unselfish. Such a person is not used to trust anyone.

The Tiger invariably seeks forward, conservative views, hierarchies and subordination to the authorities in force are alien to it. It is interesting that he is able to retreat from the fulfillment of his plans at the very moment when it is too late to change something. Such a person can become an excellent manager of a company or a military leader. But he can also be a dangerous criminal. After all, the Tiger attracts any risky activity that causes a surge of adrenaline.

The fate of the Tiger is exceptional and unusual, unexpected situations lurk everywhere. Generally, it is a warrior, emotional and sensual, able to think deeply. He is also capable of strong love. However, excessive passion prevents a happy and cloudless marriage. The Tiger Woman is awaited by numerous adventures, which often do not end very well.

Tiger Love Compatibility

The alliance between the Tiger and the Dragon, strong and cautious, with a decent Horse, with a faithful Dog, which will help to defend the position. Tigers are advised to avoid the Snake, clever and insidious, unable to understand its actions, you should not hang out with the Monkey, which is unusually cunning. It is worth saying that the Tigger is constantly waiting for danger. In matters of friendship and love he should not rely on the Monkey. Deft and not very conscientious, she is able to deceive and fool. You shouldn’t have common affairs with the Ox either, because it attacks without warning, using its meager strength to destroy the weaker Tiger. In such a collision, Tigger is better to give up and retire. Not able to get along with the Tiger and the peaceful Rabbit.

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