Chinese Zodiac Snake: Personality, Love Compatibility and Horoscope

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Snake – Element Fire, Yin, 2nd Trine

Years of Chinese Zodiac (1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025)

Chinese Zodiac Snake: Personality, Love Compatibility and HoroscopeSnake Personality

The Snake symbolizes wisdom. The Snake man is the owner of a good sense of humor. His main character traits are sentimentality and pleasantness in communication. The Snake woman is very beautiful, so she has success with the opposite sex.

Snake is characterized by refinement in clothes and good taste, although sometimes in the style of dressing it may slip some pretentiousness and excessive brightness. Women adore beautiful accessories. They tend to think, they are very clever and never talk too much. Snakes have a deep analytical mind and love to philosophize. The intuition is well developed, which can be reborn as a clairvoyant gift, provided this ability develops. She relies on her own impressions, which are often true.

Never leaves unfinished cases, and always ends them under any circumstances. In this case, the case must be completed successfully, because the failure of it does not accept in any form. Do not hesitate to make decisions. Despite a good intuition, a player from her is very bad, therefore gambling is not her hobby.

It does not like to lend money. But it can overstep itself in some situations and only for people for whom it has a clear sympathy. The Snake will help these people not only with money, but also with all that is in her power. If you take someone to help, then it fascinates her so much that it becomes a priority, she throws all her strength and, unfortunately, becomes somewhat obsessive.

Snake finances never have a problem. They seem to stick to her, and she will always find the necessary amount as soon as she needs it. She is so accustomed to this situation that she does not even think about this side of life, since life decides everything in this sphere for her. It is noticed that some representatives of the Snake in advanced age can become stingy.

For Snake peculiar laziness. But I must say that no matter how it sounds, Snake does not shun any work, but on the condition that there will be no risk and can work a lot.

In love, the Snake is selfish. The partner chooses herself, like the victim. Jealous, does not allow the partner to arrange his personal life even after they separated and the feelings no longer exist. Ownership does not leave her. She pursues her former beloved for a long time without leaving him any chance. In this case, she would not mind having an affair on the side, outside of marriage. This greatly complicates family life, which could have been avoided if Snake abandoned his adventures on the side.

Snake Love Compatibility

The most appropriate sign for a marriage with the Snake is the Ox, who is not at all opposed to the Snake taking possession of him, but on the condition that he will play the main violin. Rooster, Pig and Tiger are not suitable.

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