Chinese Zodiac Rooster: Personality, Love Compatibility and Horoscope

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Rooster – Element Metal, Yin, 2nd Trine

Years of Chinese Zodiac (1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029)

Chinese Zodiac Rooster: Personality, Love Compatibility and HoroscopeRooster Personality

The Rooster loves being flattered, and he takes it seriously. Periodically, his aggression breaks out and then he is not shy in expressions. The environment of the Rooster refers his aggressive behavior and straightforwardness to openness and an eccentric character. Only this saves the Rooster from the scandals that would be inevitable. So it is, the Rooster does not hide his thoughts and directly says what will come into his head. It is explained by his innate egoism, he does not think about others, that his words can be unpleasant to people around him. He is merciless and what is called, cuts the “truth-uterus” in the eye and does not believe that there is at least some reason not to do it. Such behavior, of course, does not allow to solve issues by peaceful means of negotiations and diplomacy.

Rooster’s centricity is just a mask, behind which he hides. He likes to be at the center of universal attention and purposely dresses brightly, precisely for this purpose. However, despite this, the Rooster is actually a big conservative in everything. He is always convinced that he is right and in his actions and will not fail to give advice, it does not matter whether the one to whom he gives it needs it. In life, relying only on their own strength. Big dreamer since childhood. Flies in the clouds, imagining himself a knight and a hero, but beyond the homely cozy chair it does not go.

Like a Rooster, the Rooster is a bully and is distinguished by courage. In the appropriate situation, he shows courage and laughs in the face of danger. He is a really good warrior. He likes, however, to boast his exploits, attributing a little more than it actually is. When necessary, it can work without respite and with great efficiency. But if laziness attacks him, it is laziness with a capital letter.

The Rooster has to work hard, money does not fall on him from the sky. They have to earn active actions and be resourceful. It should be noted that he is doing well. If he finds a favorable field of activity, he can become very successful and rich, unless, of course, he does not waste all his wealth, thanks to all the same boastfulness. He loves to boo in front of friends, showing extravagance.

The love of the Rooster is also given not without difficulty. He has all sorts of ways to keep the object of his love. The Rooster man loves to surround himself with women and shine before them, to be the subject of adoration. He rarely talks with friends, because the society of men attracts him little. The Rooster woman also loves the woman society, both at home and at work.

Rooster Love Compatibility

The most good alliance for the Rat is an alliance with the Dragon. The Dragon will give the Rat the missing power, and the Rat will share the critical mind with the Dragon. Good alliance with the Ox. The Ox has a calming effect on the Rat and the Rat comfortably and safely with the Ox. The marriage of the Rat and the Horse is strictly contraindicated. The Summer Rat will have a harder time living than a winter Rat, since it will search for food all its life and will constantly evade the traps set up everywhere.

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