Chinese Zodiac Rat: Personality, Love Compatibility and Horoscope

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Rat – Element Water, Yang, 1st Trine

Years of Chinese Zodiac (1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020)

Chinese Zodiac Rat: Personality, Love Compatibility, and HoroscopeRat Personality

Strange as it may sound – the Rat is a symbol of aggression and at the same time charm. The first impression about the Rat is the very calm, goodwill and poise. However, all this is only an appearance. In fact, under this mask there is a nervous, restless, choleric character, which is easily revealed by closer communication with it.

The rat is the epicenter of scandals, fuss and chaos. Gossip, gossip, discussion – this is the native environment for the Rat. She knows everything about everyone and is not averse to sharing information with her friends, and at the same time learn something new to discuss it with her other friends, who are difficult to name as friends, because there are almost no Rats. More and more familiar. She is incredulous and suspicious. Believes only his beloved and his plans does not reveal to anyone. Absolutely from all that, perhaps, seeks to benefit and it should be noted that it is obtained very successfully. It has a unique charm, enchants others, and then actively uses them to their advantage, until it is cracked.

The Rat can not tolerate physical labor and in every way avoids it. It must be said that wherever she does it, all the work for the Rat is done by someone else, and she, without embarrassment, uses the fruits of this work without making special efforts. Although not, the charm of others still have to expend some strength, but it pays off with interest. If the rat’s laziness is excessive, then, along with excessive caution, it results in the rat becoming a bureaucrat or bureaucrat. But the Rat has an outstanding mind and is able to manifest itself in acting or become a bright politician.

The rat is not accustomed to limit anything. He comes to the rescue, but always expects return from it. Money lends, too, not without a certain greed. But Rat has a weakness – she is generous and generous only to her beloved, even if love is unrequited. Otherwise, it starts a love relationship only for selfish purposes. Rat is a big gourmet, loves gambling and adrenaline, not averse to drink and take a walk.

Rat Love Compatibility

The most good alliance for the Rat is an alliance with the Dragon. The Dragon will give the Rat the missing power, and the Rat will share the critical mind with the Dragon. Good alliance with the Ox. The bull has a calming effect on the Rat and the Rat comfortably and safely with the Ox. The marriage of the Rat and the Horse is strictly contraindicated. The Summer Rat will have a harder time living than a winter Rat, since it will search for food all its life and will constantly evade the traps set up everywhere.

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