Chinese Zodiac Rabbit: Personality, Love Compatibility and Horoscope

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Rabbit – Element Wood, Yin, 4th Trine

Years of Chinese Zodiac (1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023)

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit: Personality, Love Compatibility and HoroscopeRabbit Personality

Rabbit certainly falls paws down. This is lucky. Able by nature, moderately ambitious, an interesting comrade, modest, keeps himself in his hands, an esthete, loves to do good. Everyone knows about it. A skilled speaker, knows his worth. However, among the advantages placer there is one flaw, albeit an insignificant one, but still decisive: Rabbit is a frivolous person, and his positive features are also superficial. He likes society, and he loves him. He loves social events very much and sometimes gossips, but he does it extremely correctly, carefully and carefully.
The Rabbit is usually not quick-tempered. He is quiet, it is difficult to ruffle. In it, the sentiments outweigh the true sensitivity. A small failure on a personal front is much more unpleasant and weighty for him than the major adversities of those around him. Global global disasters affect him only when it touches him personally, but he is experiencing so strongly and emotionally that he may not be able to withstand this blow and die. The rabbit, for an insignificant reason, can cry, but soon calms down. Melancholy of the fair sex, born under the sign of the Rabbit – one of the main signs of their attractive force.
Rabbit – opponent transformations. He despises everything that can break the stability of his usual life, everything that can lead to complications. More than others, it stretches to comfort and safety. Before taking any step, he weighs all the nuances. This quality is greatly appreciated by the people around him, because of this quality they trust him.
In financial terms, he will never have problems. He copes well with the work, any employer, entering into a contract with him, will be very pleased.
Courteous, sensitive and attentive to your loved one, Easily can exchange their loved ones for friends. Rabbit does not have any obligations to his family, and often he personally breaks the relationship with relatives and spends time with selected friends. Rabbit’s maternal instinct is expressed extremely dimly, but mothers are certainly true to their duty.

Rabbit Love Compatibility

Rabbit is a good suitor. He is very courteous with a goat, he appreciates artistry in his taste. He gives her personal comfort, but he pays no attention to her whims. A common language will be found with the Dog and the meticulous Pig. But the Rooster annoys him with his boasting, Rat he should beware, afraid as an infection.
With the Tiger, his relationship in love and cooperation will be difficult. The Rabbit is less strong, so it can always go back: they are of the same blood, the Tiger is not afraid of the Rabbit.
Rabbit has a life in full, full of excitement and experience in 3 key phases, if he does not face unusual situations, does not get into tense and critical events. Wars, disasters, all kinds of unrest and revolutions do not bother him, as he does not like to be an enemy.

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