Chinese Zodiac Horse: Personality, Love Compatibility and Horoscope

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Horse – Element Fire, Yang, 3rd Trine

Years of Chinese Zodiac (1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026)

Chinese Zodiac Horse: Personality, Love Compatibility and HoroscopeHorse Personality

The Horse has a sense of style, so it is well dressed. It is distinguished by its representativeness and excellent article. The Horse likes to be in a crowd of people, so often goes to the theater, to concerts, attends various sports competitions. She needs spectacles. The Horse quite often makes a good career in sports. She prefers to talk a lot, sometimes talkatively, while easily making compliments to others, which is why she enjoys a certain popularity. Horses cause sympathy, they are cheerful and cheerful.

Horses get good politicians, because they are satisfied with doing such a thing. The Horse has the ability to lead people, it is inherent in the ability to understand what a person wants to say even before the moment he voiced his thought. She is also able to become an employee not only of mental labor, but also of physical labor. The Horse is not so intelligent as it is rather clever. She often lacks self-confidence that it is not a secret for herself. But in public, she is able to confidently hold on.

Its easy to ruffle. Often, due to hot temper and hot blood, the Horse nullifies previously achieved results. People who were eyewitnesses to her attacks of anger, treat her with caution and distrust, because the Horse loses control of itself. In order to become successful, the Horse must be constantly in control.

She is very selfish, and, without thinking, she can step over a person who is on her way. In this case, due to excessive ambition will not experience the slightest regret and remorse. Even if she intervenes in matters relating to other people, the horse will put his own problems and interests above all else.

When creating a family, the Horse will become its head, which will give her considerable satisfaction. However, her presence has a beneficial effect on the rest of the family, because she will act as their peculiar guardian angel. But it will require for it that everything revolves around her.

The Horse works only for itself, and yet, everyone will enjoy the fruits of its work and other successes. She is a workaholic, good at handling money. From it often goes a great financier.

Horse’s Weakness — Relationships with the Opposite Sex. For love, she is ready to do anything and can drop everything. She is a passionate nature and will experience indifference to everything that does not concern the object of her passion.

Horse Love Compatibility

A good partner for the Horse will be the Goat. Capricious, windy and changeable, the Goat will always prevail over the selfish Horse. Together they will overcome all adversity. The Horse unions with the Tiger or the Dog will be strong. The Dog constantly thinks about big prospects and solutions to problems, so it will not attach much importance to the fact that the Horse’s feelings are fickle. A horse in this alliance can count on an easy life. But tying the knot with the Rat Horse is not worth it. Especially tragic union may be if a woman was born under the sign of the Horse. And the marriage of the fiery Horse with the Rat was doomed to failure.

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