Chinese Zodiac Goat (Sheep): Personality, Love Compatibility and Horoscope

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Goat (Sheep) – Element Earth, Yin, 4th Trine

Years of Chinese Zodiac (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027)

Chinese Zodiac Goat (Sheep): Personality, Love Compatibility and HoroscopeGoat (Sheep) Personality

Full of love for nature, the artistic and elegant Goat (Sheep) can become one of the most attractive and charming signs, but it is hampered by incorrigible pessimism, constant anxiety, annoyance and indecision. The Goat (Sheep) always complains about his fate. Surrounding just go crazy for her whims. She is an aggressor, although she does not want to admit it. The Goat (Sheep) is not disciplined, it is often late because it does not have a sense of time. However, despite this fact, she is able to win over people, if she needs it. Sheep can use people to their advantage, able to live at their expense. This does not mean its complete dependence, because it quickly adapts to the environment, as long as safety is ensured.

Feminine and timid, Goat (Sheep) can be pampered, loves to complain about fate. She prefers talking about her, guiding her, advising her, listening to her eternal reflection, complaints and tricks. She can never decide to make a choice, so she relies on the opinions of others. The Goat (Sheep) has undisturbed pessimism.

She is gentle and wise, but her character is spoiled by excessive capriciousness. Sometimes the Goat (Sheep) hits religion. The character of the Goat (Sheep) is glorious and kind, inclined to help and beg. Sometimes, what she gives more unhappy does not belong to her. This is because the Goat (Sheep) lacks a sense of ownership.

Sometimes the bad faith of the Goat (Sheep) causes others to be confused. Goat (Sheep) is not endowed with a sense of responsibility and initiative, it does not have perseverance and perseverance. She cannot be a leader because she is accustomed to obey. With proper influence, she can achieve success and great fame. Goat (Sheep) has excellent taste, it is endowed with talents. She is a good specialist who does an excellent job with a job that combines artistic and technical skills. The Goat (Sheep) is very clever and wise.

Goat (Sheep) Love Compatibility

In love, the Goat (Sheep) lurk a variety of problems, life is characterized by stormy and dynamic. Rabbit, Horse or Pig are able to provide Goat (Sheep) with coziness and comfort. Whims Sheep normally perceives the Rabbit. Pig, they also entertain a lot. Selfish Horse treats them indifferently.

Other signs of the Chinese horoscope are not able to withstand the character of the Goat (Sheep) for a long time. Especially impatient in this regard is the Ox. Of course, the Ox is able to provide the family with the necessary comfort and safety, but it requires a lot in return from its partner, and Goat (Sheep) is not ready for this. Such a pair as the Goat (Sheep) – the Dog is initially doomed to failure both in work and in love. These signs are pessimistic, all their lives they will express discontent with each other.

In any case, no matter what partner Goat (Sheep) gets, she is not able to be above him, to keep him in her power.

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