Chinese Zodiac Dragon: Personality, Love Compatibility and Horoscope

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Dragon – Element Earth, Yang, 1st Trine

Years of Chinese Zodiac (1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024)

Chinese Zodiac Dragon: Personality, Love Compatibility and HoroscopeDragon Personality

The health, the will to live, and the energy of the Dragon are overflowing. The exalted Dragon doesn’t pay attention to trivialities, it is not exchanged for idle speculation, falsity and gossip. Bad diplomat, but good adviser. Very naive, and therefore he is often deceived. The dragon is very demanding, first of all, to himself, but with all his scrupulousness and pickyness, he is able to give to others much more than he expects from them.

Irritable, quick-tempered, the Dragon, in a temper of temper can say a lot of superfluous and unpleasant. But, believe me, you should listen to his comments and advice – he rarely makes mistakes.

Fond of nature, the Dragon is always enthusiastically tackling a new business. And, thanks to his dedication and will to win, he easily achieves positive results in any field. Most often, Dragons become artists, priests, military, doctors, or politicians. There is no such area of ​​activity for which he would undertake and not succeed. Despite the fact that by nature intelligent and noble, the Dragon can get carried away and not quite righteous thing. Nothing will prevent him from succeeding here too.

Frequent victories give him confidence. Those around him listen, they reckon with him. Proud, powerful, brilliant and strong, he attracts many fans. But, a loner by nature, extremely rarely reciprocates in love. Failure in personal relationships is unlikely to knock him out of a rut. However, being an object of unrequited love, the Dragon can cause a lot of suffering. Special success among the representatives of the opposite are women Dragons.

The dragon prefers late marriage, or even remains a bachelor. He is self-sufficient, and the idea of ​​creating a family is never in his first place. In principle, loneliness is what he needs. Only the Monkey can balance the Dragon, adding to its power with its resourcefulness. They perfectly complement each other, but only the Monkey understands it. Of all the signs, only she can afford to ridicule the self-confident and self-satisfied Dragon, and this humor brings harmony into their union.

Dragon Love Compatibility

Alliance with the Rat can be successful. After all, the Rat, which loves, will transfer everything, even the indifference of the object of its love. In addition, she helps him with her sharp mind and indifferent attitude to money. This union for the Rat is very important, as it gives the opportunity to dispose of all the benefits that the Dragon brings. His attention will also attract the practical mind and dedication of the Snake. The Dragon man will be proud of the beauty and elegance of the Snake woman, and this will be the cornerstone of their relationship.

The marriage of the Dragon with the narcissist Rooster will seem harmonious – the Rooster will shimmer beautifully in the rays of the glory of a partner. There will be a serene union of the Dragon with the Tiger. The least successful will be the marriage of the Dragon with the dog who constantly doubts him. In this relationship, he will have to constantly prove his abilities.

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