Chinese Zodiac Dog: Personality, Love Compatibility and Horoscope

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Dog – Element Earth, Yang, 3rd Trine

Years of Chinese Zodiac (1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030)

Chinese Zodiac Dog: Personality, Love Compatibility and HoroscopeDog Personality

As a rule, the Dog is always on guard, without losing his vigilance, without sleep and rest. She is restless, always alert. Being closed prevents her from showing her feelings, the manifestation of emotions is permissible only as a last resort. The Dog is stubborn, she always knows what she wants. The Dog is a cynic, many fear its harsh, unpleasant remarks and barbs. She peers deeply into the smallest details, criticizing others for any reason. In general, the Dog is an incorrigible pessimist, not expecting anything from life. Injustice for a man like a red rag for a bull.

The Dog is a skeptic, although her extraordinary greatness of spirit, sparkling sense of humor and brilliant mental abilities save her from excessive pettiness. She prefers to stay away from crowds and gatherings. From the side of the Dog may seem insensitive, however, it is not. Even the many shortcomings are not able to close the nobility and humanity of nature. She is honest, loyal, loyal, has a highly developed sense of duty. It is quite possible to count on the Dog, it is not capable of treachery, it perfectly keeps secrets. In addition, she is unusually modest.

The Dog is an excellent listener, it is very clever. Such people easily inspire confidence, which is fully justified. The Dog is quite capable of self-denial for the sake of the happiness of other people, for which it is deeply respected.

It is distinguished by selflessness and generosity. For Dogs it does not matter the comfort of the place where she lives. In any case, it focuses on intellectual devlopment, and not on wealth. Comfort, of course, suits her, but she is not fixated on it. In this case, the Dog at any time can provide itself with the necessary amount of money.

A Dog can become an excellent leader in the industrial economy sector, a tutor, a priest, a public figure. In love, she is pure and pure. The Dog remarkably controls people, it is direct and hardworking, for which it is very much appreciated in any society.

Dog Love Compatibility

The union of the Dog and the Horse may be happy. The Horse requires some independence, in exchange for this, it will allow the Dog to protect various great things. The Dog and the Tiger will be able to fight side by side for justice and participate in great adventures. The Tiger is not averse to accepting help from the Dog, which always remains in the shadows. However, the real peace of the Dog is able to find only with the Rabbit, serene and complacent. The Dragon will not be able to endure the stinging mind of the Dog, he is too proud for that. The union with the Goat is practically impossible, because the Dog will not tolerate its capricious disposition. The Dog considers the Goat superficial and self-serving.

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