Capricorn Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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A little unexpected union, because due to the difference in almost everything, they may not even notice each other. But if they notice – they will be satisfied.

Capricorn Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

The Gemini man loves to be the center of attention, he has many friends and a frivolous way of life, and a substantial domititous Capricorn woman thinks about something else. However, with time they will get used, it will become calmer, it will be more liberated. She will help him make the right decisions, so that their common business will be profitable.

This couple quarrels because he needs more freedom, and she wants to see him more often at home. In addition, he does not like leadership from the side and is inclined to forget about promises and not to admit his mistakes. They make up quickly, but discontent accumulates.

Sex Compatibility

In bed, they feel good, especially if both understand the needs of each other and come to an agreement. He brings lightness and fantasy to sex, she is sensual pleasure. Over time, it becomes more pleasant for them to be together.

Betrayal in this alliance is possible, because a man is often unable to resist temptations and easily treats infidelity in general. But a woman is not inclined to forgive treason, and if they have had friction over this issue before, the couple can break up.

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