Capricorn Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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Very long and pleasant union for both, if they look at each other and decide on a relationship.

Capricorn Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

The case when similar character traits, multiplying, do only better. Both the woman and the Capricorn man tend to achieve their goals, be attentive to the little things and get used to the new for a long time – but their cooperation gives a wonderful effect. They lack adventurism and flexibility of thinking, but perseverance and hard work do their work.

They almost do not swear – both are non-conflicting, and there are no reasons. But if a quarrel has already occurred, they can put up with it for a long time, because it is difficult for them to yield.

Sex Compatibility

In the intimate sphere, they are doing well, although not very passionately. They are well combined and have similar habits and interests. Maybe their sex will not be a lot of novelty, but they are also “old” nice. True, over time, sex can bore both.

They usually do not change each other, because they see no reason to spend time on it. If this happened, they tend to forgive the partner, and not to destroy what has been built stubbornly over the years. So this is a long-term alliance that is hard to break.