Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility: Love and Sex

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This pair consists of two different people who rarely agree and have many difficulties in living together, if they “bend their line” in everything.

Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility: Love and SexCompatibility in love

The Capricorn woman values ​​openness and vitality in the Aquarius man, and he likes her sense of purpose and calmness. If they coincide in trifles, this union will benefit both: it will prompt unusual decisions and participate in negotiations, and she will do fine work and simultaneously engage in everyday life.

Because of domestic issues, they have quarrels. She believes that you can be more attentive to the little things and spend more time at home, and he calls it vanity and leaves for another meeting with friends. However, the fire of quarrel quickly burns through, because a lot of things unite them.

Sex Compatibility

The difference in temperaments makes their interesting life unusual and full of discoveries. She is responsible for the technical side of the question, he adds passion and novelty. If both are satisfied with everything, sex will delight them to a great old age.

A rather windy man can change if he feels that a conservative woman seeks to limit his freedom. Then everything will develop as she decides: is it worth it jointly acquired in order to forgive the repentant companion.