Capricorn Horoscope 2019

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Capricorn Horoscope 2019In 2019, Pluto will follow your Capricorn sign. This will continue until 2024. Pluto is a planet of transformation. This period of life will be filled with cardinal changes. You must accept the changes that will occur in your life, do not resist them. If you follow this, you will live in a measured and systematic way, even you can become a more influential person.

In 2018, it was difficult for you to pay enough attention to your family and work at the same time. But in 2019, when Saturn enters as a sign of Scorpio, you can direct your energy in the right direction and resolve the existing problems. If you succeed, then at work will be a success and at the same time in the family will be all right.

Think of friends. How long have you paid attention to them? Try to spend time with them more often.

And also in 2019-2020 your friends should stand in your life in one of the first places. Friendship during this period will undergo a serious test of strength. Only those friendly ties, which are backed by trust, mutual assistance and respect, will help you in difficult life situations. You must make it clear and feel to your friends that you are a real reliable friend. Friends should not have any doubts about your actions. Try to be responsible and serious about friendship in 2019.

Your financial situation will be at a decent level. In the first part of the year your salary can go up, and your colleagues will respect you more. The second part of 2019 will bring long-awaited purchases. Also, you have the opportunity to find a more suitable job and meet people who will help move up the career ladder.

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